Monday Moaning

I’m cleaning my house today. I am. I am. I AM. Nothing is going to distract me. Nothing is going to draw me off course- I will get the nineteen loads of laundry done, I will get all four bathrooms spic-n-span, I will get all the dishes done, the sheets on five beds changed (thereby contributing to the nineteen loads of laundry), I will get the bookshelves dusted and the floors mopped.  I will I will I willwillwill!

I hate housekeeping. I love home, but I positively HATE house cleaning. Especially with three kids, each of whom takes it as a personal challenge to immediately UN-do whatever I have just DONE.

Thankless, unending, never-ending, always more, unless you live in a museum, but even then you still have to dust, housework. Ugh.

So here I sit. Chin resting on my hand, gazing morosely around my kitchen and desk. There are fragments of toast, a washcloth, a stuffed pig and a little plastic ring from a gallon jug of milk under the table. Nevermind that I swept last night. I’ve already done one load of dishes, and there is as least another in the sink. On my desk are my scriptures, two half-full glasses of water,  a pile thiiiiiiis-high of papers, two pull-ups, some wipes, a pair of Buzz Lightyear underwear and the new Brandi Carlile disk.

I just don’t want to deal. Mostly it’s the laundry. Good golly, is just never ends. I can deal with basic upkeep fine- but the laundry? There are only five of us, but you would think there were fifteen. Even with a high-capacity front loader, I will be doing laundry until it’s dark. Seriously. Then I have to fold it all, only to have the kids empty their drawers and closets looking for that particular pair of “pretty pants”. Grrrr. Nothing makes me feel more irritated and unappreciated than laundry.

Of course, this may really just be a problem of modern excess. I suppose if we were more like our ancestors, with only a few items of clothing each, it wouldn’t be such an issue. And at least I don’t have to haul our stuff in a basket on my head down to the river and beat it on the rocks. Right? But then,  they didn’t bathe daily, either, so I really don’t want to go there. I would suck as a pioneer. Of course, the point is moot, because I would have died in childbirth. Had I even made it to adulthood.

I don’t suppose asthmatics did so well in the wild, wild west.

*Sigh* I really am going to clean my house. Really. Any minute now…

29 thoughts on “Monday Moaning

  1. Amen. I should be doing all those same things this morning, but after looking around I thought, “But I really ‘need’ to go to Target. I should really do that while the kids are in school.” Avoidance anyone?

    Good luck!

  2. Sounds like me. The laundry! It feels like the more of it I do, the more stuff that shows up for cleaning. Ah! At least my baby can’t pull all of her clothes out of her drawers. Yet.

  3. Hadn’t read this before our hour long chat 🙂 Hope I didn’t mess up your method…but you did antagonize! Enjoy the cleaning…

  4. 10:54- the dishes are done. The sink is clean. The counters are wiped off and the sticky mess from making carmel apples yesterday has been chipped off the pots and plates and soaked away.

  5. Oh, and I talked on the phone for an hour with my best friend, who lives in Colorado. To be fair, I was doing the dishes while we talked. While I was on the phone, Beanie got a jar of salt from the kitchen and poured it on the couch. Good thing I have a Dyson.

  6. I had the exact same thought this morningas I was trying to help my daughter get dressed. She has way too many choices of clothes! I get frustrated because she wears the same things over and over again, and she gets frustrated because her favorite things are always dirty. I think I might start packing some stuff away and rotating groups of clothes. It’s nice because we get lots of hand-me-downs from cousins, but sometimes it’s almost too much. I hate doing laundry because it never ends. I also hate the genius that decided that student FAMILY housing needs to have carpet in the dining room. Now I get to vacuum every day. Nice.

  7. ack! You reminded me I have to dust! I got tired of the filth and rearranged my living room. unfortunately that did nothign for the filth. nor laudry nor dishes. nor the floor needing to be mopped. ugh. I’m right there with you. I’ll get started…. right after my nap.

  8. Doing dishes is the thing that makes me feel unappreciated. There are only three of us and one doesn’t even use silverware or real dishes for Pete’s sake! Somehow we have scads of dirty dishes every day. It never seems to end. Ever. And I even have a dishwasher! I’m guess how I feel about dishes is similar to how you feel about laundry. Also, I would have been a horrible pioneer, too.

  9. Oh wow, welcome to my day. I slept in till 2! (drat those painkillers) and now I have a ton to do before DH gets home at 6. I am doomed. So what am I doing? Cruisin’ the blogosphere? …guilty.

    Also, I have a great excuse for not doing laundry. It makes me throw up. I think that’s probably the weirdest quirk this morning sickness thing has…laundry makes me barf. Oh well, at least DH takes pity on me and does the laundry for me 🙂

  10. Dishes and Laundry. Those are the 2 never-ending most un-appreiciated, and mind numbing chores for me. I surfed in here from somewhere and really enjoyed this post. I’ll be back!

  11. Must be the moon phase or something. I am attacking my house right now too. Got the kitched cleaned up (finally!) and rearranged the decorations above the cabinets so you can actually see them. I picked up quite a bit, too, and now I am staring at the laundry and the office and the family room just wondering how it all gets like this.

    Clearly I am not the best homemaker in the world.

    I’m not sure you can see the floor in my kids rooms, and the laundry is also out of control.

  12. Wiz, you’re in mourning. You’re entitled to do nothing until you get another blue box. I have spoken.

    1:43- the floors are swept, but not mopped yet. Three monster loads of laundry down, bathtowels washed, but not sheets. Luch has been had, and as I glance over at the kitchen, there arE CRUMBS on the FLOOR!!!! I also got a call today from a friend from ELEMENTARY school- she is coming to visit- haven’t seen her since- well, since SHE got married 15 years ago.

  13. Good luck! I should be doing laundry… but who wants to do laundry when there are 64 unread blog posts to read… I’m sending you an email to ask a question about the tote bags… mostly because I am a moron…

  14. I told myself that I was going to get up, shower, get dressed (something I don’t always do, I like my pajamas), clean the kitchen, FINALLY make those cinnamon rolls (I bought the stuff for them over a week ago), and then clean up my mess. In reality? I hung out in my pajamas all day and started crocheting ANOTHER blanket (which didn’t turn out, so I unraveled the whole thing – though I hadn’t gotten very far). DH made dinner when he got home.

    At least there were no kids that I was neglecting. And I can blame it on my tired, pregnant body. Perhaps I’ll do dishes tomorrow… which now include the dinner dishes. *sigh*

  15. 6:59 pm. got about half the laundry done. The floors are swept and mopped. The kitchen is clean. The living room is clean. Maybe tomorrow- I’ll finish the laundry and get to the upstairs. Then there’s the basement.

    Do any of you know that they never, ever stop painting the Golden Gate Bridge? They start at one end, and by the time they’re done, they have to go back and start again. You can always see thier little cart somewhere on the bridge. That’s what housekeeping is like.

  16. Hey Tracy! You can borrow my robot that folds and puts away laundry!

    Well, it is a nice wish anyway.

    Seriously, blogging gets me through my most tedious chores. I wake up in the morning, quickly check my emails, unload the dishwasher, change a diaper, check the blog, fix breakfast, make the beds, write a comment, clean up dishes, dress the kids, take a shower, start on a new post, and so it goes…

    It has been going on like this for months, and I am loving every minute of it!

  17. Alas, my housework day was largely unsuccessful. I accidentally turned on a brand new CD, and since new music is mostly a full-body experience for me, sat comatose until it ended. Then DH got home an hour early. Crap. Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe. If I feel like it 😀

  18. I had grand plans for the day, but instead I just slept part of it away and spent the other part shuttling kids to soccer and dh to and from work.
    I don’t remember us wearing that many clothes since I washed the last load of laundry… *gasp* it’s multiplying!!!
    Tomorrow though, I WILL get it all done. Because tomorrow, oh yes tomorrow, it’s cinnamon roll day!! Yippee!!!
    And Wiz, the only reason I can see my kids’ floor is because Tracy threw everything in there into boxes when they brought over a dresser. She’s worth the price of a plane ticket, and you don’t even have to tip her!!

  19. So with you on the laundry. We once had cousins visiting and I told one of them I had a pile of his clean laundry for him to put away and he said, “Goody! I love clean laundry!” and it was the happiest, most rewarding moment of my life. Other than that one moment, no one ever notices my huge laundry toil–until they run out of clean socks or the Spiderman shirt is dirty.

  20. Cleaning is a non stop process…I do it all day long. Trying desperately to teach the littlest ones to pick up after they play with one toy before grabbing the next one. Should accomplish that by the time they are done playing with toys in about ten years. Tell us more about the friend from Colorado…she sounds wonderful 🙂

  21. Cleaning… blecch. It’s a pain, for sure. And I understand the whole pointless feel, completely. As my 8 year old so brilliantly pointed out the other day, “why clean it up? it’s just gonna get messy again!” Indeed.

  22. I feel your pain. I usually have to strap Parker into my Mai Tei baby carrier and lug him around if I want to get anything done cleaning wise.

    Have you ever been witness to the damage that can be done by one ill-fated ostomy bag explosion……laundry, carpet cleaning, baths for Parker AND me. And I have had days when these explosions have come in triplicate. ugh.

    Like I said, I sooo feel your pain.

  23. When my kids were small and laundry would get piled up like that, I’d sometimes load it all into the car and take it to the laundromat. You can wash all 20 loads at once and be done in ~2 hours.

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