We actually had one tonight. Remember in Stand By Me? It happened at our dinner table! Abby choked on a piece of potato, and threw up all over herself, her high chair and her plate.

While I was running for a towel, Beanie looked at Abby’s piles o’ barf and promptly tossed his dinner onto the table. DH and I both stood there, mid-move, like deer in the headlights, as we watched the waves of barf overtake our dining room.

Grabbing a roll of paper towels, I covered Beanie’s pile to avert any further contributions, and began to clean Abby- and by clean, I mean strip her down. When I did so, I inadvertently got barf in her hair, too. Turning to grab the paper towels, I accidentally nudged the towel off of Beanies pile, which Jeffrey gazed at and began to promptly gag.

DH is upstairs bathing Abby, and I have a giant, hefty super-stretch bag o’ barf in the garage. Wanna come over for dinner?

10 thoughts on “Barf-O-Rama

  1. gross. I’m amazed how our bodies work. First that Abby’s body takes care of something that could potentially hurt her, but also how puking can be contagious. I’m just glad that your husband was home to help.

  2. I don’t remember a barf scene in Stand By Me? But the one where the kid in Goonies confesses to making an entire theater start puking is awesome.

    Probably not as awesome when it’s in your dining room.

  3. Oh, that’s vile. I know vomiting is supposed to be a good line of defense against death by poison or choking or bad bad virus, but my logical self can know that till the cows come home and I’ll still run away crying every time one of the kids blows chunks.

  4. So sorry about the barf. That does not sound fun at all. Gotta love those, “what on earth are we supposed to do now?!” moments. Also came to tell you that I made your cinnamon rolls and have now earned the title of domestic goddess in my household. They were incredible. Truly amazing. So thank you for the recipe. We now have a new christmas/general conference/every tuesday tradition. Okay. Maybe not every tuesday.

  5. Glittersmama sent me your way. Your blog is hilarious. I was telling my husband this story about the puking and he had a similar thing happen when he was on a ship (he was in the US Navy) and you can imagine how that went. Sea sickness and confined spaces… go figure…

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