We don’t live in California anymore, but holy heck, things are bad down there. I just got off the phone with my Uncle Freddy and his car had 1/8″ of ash on it after work (he works at Disneyland). He said the dome of the sky is brown and hazy, the light is crazy and the air is thick. People are displaced and frightened and the situation is hot.

Thoughts and prayer and good hopes for anyone caught up in the fires- especially the firefighters, pilots, guardsmen and homeowners in the path of the fire. Here’s hoping for a cooling rain and an abatement of the Santa Ana’s.

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  1. oi, it is bad. I was talking to a random person from Seattle today who asked me if we lived near the fire in southern CA. I told him, “If you live in Southern California you live near a fire right now.”

    The air quality is so bad that the kids can’t play outside at school (at least they haven’t had to cancel school here yet).

    And thinking about all the people who have lost their homes. It makes me so sick. I am just thankful we are 8 miles and thousands of houses away from the nearest flame and hope for the same wind reprieve you have already mentioned.

  2. Looking for one friend living in San Diego that I can’t seem to find, but hope and pray she is okay and talking to another one living in Los Angeles that says her after school program she runs has been locked inside all week. Seems like the fires are getting worse and worse every year there. Many prayers!

  3. Well, I don’t have family or friends there, but I’m still hoping and praying that this ends swiftly and safely. For those that are there AND for those who have loved ones there

  4. Scary. We actually were on a trip to Disneyland during the last ones 4 years ago. The sky was orange all day and the ash fell from the sky. It was surreal to be in Disneyland and see / smell fire…… but the lighting made all our photos GREAT!

    Hope they are all ok. This is such a sad thing for so many families..but how amazing that there have only been like 3 fatalities?

  5. Yeah, it’s bad. We are in northern San Diego County and been on evac watch for two days. We had to leave on Monday because of a smaller fire but luckily that one was contained and we were able to come back home. The fires 4 years ago were nothing like this and those were bad.

  6. Same here…things becoming more and more funky grey-orange with that smoky after-taste. Lots of soot and ash in the air. Even in doors one can smell the fire in the air and sting in your eyes.

    We were very surprised to see the spread so quickly. The almost neon orange lightning-bolt-like fire lines on the hills are hypnotic in the night sky, you just stare at them as they crawl down the hill.

    We got the call this a.m. during a meeting that all Red Cross certified volunteers were being put on call, by 2:00 all had assignments. We have 100 evacuees expected by night fall.

    In the long run, all is well, all is well.

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