Weekend Update

I wish you could have seen how darling Beanie looked for our Primary program today! He marched right up the podium and held his picture high over his head, Norma-Rae style, and just grinned out at all the people. He didn’t say anything, just smiled and smiled and smiled. Then waved at me and said “Hi Mom!” It was pretty dang cute.

Jeffrey actually spoke during church today, too! It’s been his habit to crawl under the podium as soon as he gets up there and sees all the eyeballs, but not today- he did wonderfully, and is now filled with the confidence of a boy who had conquered a personal dragon.

It’s been a friendly week at the M’s. Busy. Hectic, but friendly. Monday was watching kids for friends. On Tuesday, Mo came over and showed me how to actually use the piles of make-up I’ve accumulated over the years- and she’s good, people, just for the record. She made me look pretty! Friday we had friends over for dinner, Saturday was soccer day, and Sunday we went to some other friends’ house for lunch after church. Busy.

Abby has suddenly morphed from my sweet, cute, mild-mannered baby-girl into a mountain climber. Nothing is safe. She scales the bookshelves, the chairs, moves furniture to get what she want, and positively loooooooves the computer. The other day I caught her on my desk- she had seventeen different windows open- pleased as punch. I also caught her on the dining room table, swinging the chandelier back and forth, but we won’t talk about that. She’s wearing me out!

Dude! Pumpkins were eight bucks a piece at Safeway this week!!  I’m glad we have a u-pick place- three monster squash, six bucks. That’s all I’ve go to say about that.

I’m about ready to ask Jeffrey be moved to another teacher. Anyone have any experience with that? While I don’t want my kid pegged as a son of a troublemaker, I’m less and less pleased by his milquetoast of a teacher.

The Red Sox just swept the World Series! Go Sox… although, I have to admit, I’m not as verklempt as I was last time.

Jeff scored six goals at his soccer match on Saturday. Beanie huddled in my lap to try and stay warm, while Abby pulled her socks and shoes off, and kept insisting on running onto the field.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Our program is in a couple weeks and I don’t envy the presidency 🙂 I’ve done those programs and they’re always a handful!

    And we’re actually Rockies fans here, sad to say. Oh well 🙂

  2. Sounds like yours boys did such a great job in the program. Love that! I am already chasing after Peanut everywhere and she isn’t even really a climber yet. Ack! I don’t want her to figure that out! Good luck keeping up with her.

  3. I’m looking forward to my daughter’s performance in the program in a few weeks. I’m also looking forward to it because my husband is actually coming to church to see it 🙂 Sacrament meeting without the four year old and with an extra helper for the toddler? Sounds like heaven to me…

    Oh, and my little guy has suddenly morphed into a mountain climber too. I have to hide the dining room chairs in other areas of the house so he doesn’t kill himself. He also loves to dash into the parking lot when we’re at the playground. I’m hoping he’ll make it to 2 alive and well.

  4. I’m experiencing the climbing stage as well. My first was very mild-mannered and was scared of just about everything so this is pretty much all new to me. I need to follow FoxyJ’s advice and hide my chairs. 😛

  5. Go Sox??? Go Sox???? Where is your loyalty at a situation like this? You are not from Boston, but yet your best friend lives in CO! A line was crossed here missy 🙂

  6. Sounds like you are one busy gal! I’ve never had any experience in switching teachers before :S I would go in and talk to the principal and then go from there…. what a pain!

  7. You’re talking about the crazy-spelling-test-words teacher, right? I’d do what Melissa said. Talk with the principle…

    The climbing stage drives me crazy! I’m almost there again…

  8. Our proram is in wo weeks–can u say dread?? My daughter has Aspies so this type of program is hard on her. Trying hard to destress her as she is already stresing.

    Oh I wouls set up a meeting with teacher and princpal.

  9. Yeah Red Sox! Although, I kind of was hoping the Rockies would have won once… kind of sad for them last night.

    Tracy m, Tag you are it! Check out my “Tag on Tuesday” post. Thanks, Jen

  10. When I was in school my mom politely requested a switch a couple times for me. That was enough for them to figure out to assign me– and then each of my younger siblings– to teachers who better fit our learning styles.

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