Poison Control, Chapter 2

Yet another reason to use only natural products to clean your home! Honestly, you can’t turn your back for a minute…

59.jpgToday was housecleaning day, and I was on the warpath all day- so just before dinner when Abby came in the kitchen sucking on a squirt bottle of spray cleaner, I completely freaked out, dumped her in the sink, and speed-dialed Poison Control. Turns out, the cleaner I use, EcoSense Tough n’ Tender by Melaleuca is absolutely safe. Not that I suggest letting your kid drink it, but the Poison lady was amazed that nothing in it was a danger. Hooray!

So mamas: get that Poison Control number plastered by your phone! Oh, and switch to non-toxic cleaners for you home- because while in an ideal world I would follow Abby around gazing at her marvelousness and never evereverever leave a spray bottle on a window sill when the phone rings, the truth is, well, it’s not pretty. My brain doesn’t always work, and sometimes I do dumb stuff.

9 thoughts on “Poison Control, Chapter 2

  1. The same thing happened to me one day, my son drank mr Clean. Same thing, if you are going to drink a cleaning product, drink mr clean. I have now switched to Pinesol, but he’s 13 and really should be past the days of drinking cleaning products.

    Glad to hear she’s alright, it’s the worst feeling in the world. But we have all done it!

  2. I LOVE my tough and tender… wouldn’t clean with anything but this! And not that you plan to feed your kids cleaning solution… but let’s say they decide to lick their yogurt off the counter… it’s nice you don’t have to worry about any lingering chemicals!

  3. Huh. Interesting. I might have to get me some of that. My son is obsessed with cleaning and spraying, after all. We’ve pretty much switched to vinegar and lemon juice, but that stuff looks good, too. Does it clean toilets and will someone please tell me how to get the hard water stains off of my shower door? We squeegee now, but we didn’t at first, and the door is not lookin’ good.

  4. I grew up in Idaho Falls where Melaleuca is located. I’ve only ever used their dish soap… and I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I’ll have to try this cleaner…

  5. Yeah, the dish soap, not so hot, but this stuff is great. It’s just an all purpose cleaner, like you would use 409 or Mr Clean. I use it for everything but windows. It’s great for floors, counters, kitchen stuff, grime, bathrooms and all that. Plus, you really dilute it- 1/2 cup per 24 0z. of water, so it lasts a LONG time- I only have to order it once a year.

  6. A simple solution is to never clean 🙂 That one is my favorite! By the way, Wiz, the best thing I have found for hard water stains is Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I know it sounds weird, but I come from a place where we had all Agricultural water meaning it was so hard, the home builders had to put in water softners in order to legally sell the houses. Lysol toilet cleaner works too, but not as good. Good luck!

  7. Can you just order this stuff online?

    With Parker’s trach we are supposed to be ‘cleaning green’ since fumes from regular stuff can go directly into his lungs.

    The products at the health food store were jaw dropping expensive and didn’t really do much as far as cleaning goes.

  8. Yes, Tammy, you can order online. It’s a little less expensive if you order through a rep, and I think you can search for one online. The stuff at the health food stores IS expensive, and this stuff really works well. I’m asthmatic and it looks like the kids might have some breathing issues as well, and this does not irritate my bronchials or airways at all. ( ALL of the store cleaners send me into paroxyms)

    For two bottle of the concentrate, I think it’s under fifteen dollars, but that really lasts me almost a year- and I use it on everything. Not so bad for a natural cleaner that works.

    If you want, I’m placing an order soon, and I would be glad to add on whatever you think you want to my order. Just email me.

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