Happy Halloween!


Voila! My Beehive hair! Yes, that is my real hair, braided together with yellow yarn, adorned with bees and butterflies and all sorts of creatures. It was fun! Can’t take credit for the idea, though- I got it from Kage’s post in Tales– which linked to Martha Stewart’s website. What can I say? The woman has mad ideas. Or at least she pays well the people who do.

The boys are super-wild ninja wolverine creatures, and Abby is a bee girl. We are now officially the M’s house of Sugar Insanity and Mayhem. Heaven help us all!

Have a fun (and reasonably safe) night, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Love the hairdo! Seeing your eyes made me smile because I can totally picture you in the rest of the pic! Hope you got away with a “home” Halloween. We are just winding down and so so ready for bed! Happy Halloween to you and the family too 🙂

  2. Glitter- there’s a picture with my _Tracy M_ page, at the top, if you want to see what I look like… It’s black and white but it’s both my husband and my favorite picture of me. Click on it to enlarge.

  3. very very cool! I love Martha Stewart and all her crazy ideas… I mean who else would think you can decorate your easter table with a concrete block and a piece of chiffon?

  4. Okay, you are officially way cooler than me. I did the same thing–same reason, even, from Kage and Martha Stewart!–but did mine look even HALF that cool? Hardly. Oh, well. My family was impressed, at least. Maybe I won’t show them your picture, and they can still think I’m cool.

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