Let’s Share the Love

There’s a new blog out there in Mormondom, written by an enthusiastic and seemingly guileless young mother who converted to the LDS faith relatively recently. The woman is named Steffie, she is a mother and wife, and started blogging just like the rest of us.

Here’s the kicker. A bunch of Christian Evangelicals have found her blog, and are crawling all over her, ripping her faith up and down. As I scrolled through her posts, I’m amazed and appalled at the things some people say- and the most lovely thing is Steffie’s own patience and sincerity in dealing with what are, for lack of a kinder word, Trolls.

If you have  a second, stop by her site and let her know how many others of us, LDS or not, support the respect of others’ faith. It’s quite touching how many people you might recognize from the ‘nacle have left her comments, or even pulled out the big guns and taken on the attackers themselves. I find myself curiously moved by the whole thing. Check it out.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Share the Love

  1. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the kind words for Steffielynn. She is an amazing person and her support for me and her kind words and support have made all of the difference in the world to me. I am due to be baptized in 2 days and you can see my progress here – http://ronsjourney.wordpress.com/

    Thanks again, you have a great site – with your permission I would like to put a link on my site so I can find your site again.

  2. Tracy M

    I am moved as well!!!!! I think you are all so amazing! I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people! Thank you for your kind words! People can get so rude, but my intent is to of course bring them over to our side 🙂 I was once like them, I was scared of mormons, I was scared of hell. Now I have peace, and love and a wonderful gift, the knowledge of the one true church. I love being a mormon, and I love the mormon people! I do not even know how to express my gratitude to all of you, All I can say is that I love you all!!!!!!!

    P.S Ron you are amazing!!!!!!

  3. You had to know this was going to be right up my alley! Went a little overboard with my comment as this issue is a big one for me, but it was fun! You have to tell me how to directly email people on this thing.

  4. OK, steffielynn, Tracy & 2xaday, and you too, mo mommy, I can hardly see through my tears. As 2x’s mother, I rejoice in the affirmation that I must have done something right after all, and believe me, there has always been a big question about that one. I firmly believe that we’re all trying to get to Heaven even if we’ve chosen different paths. It’s all about treating those who chose different paths with the respect that we’d want for the choice that we ourselves made. God bless you all for sharing that respect…and that love!

  5. 2xaday – I also really appreciated your comments on Steffie’s blog. As you know, the internet is a perfect, anonymous place for people to forget they are sharing ideas with actual, flesh and blood individuals who have feelings, too! It was a nice, moderating, and supportive comment. Brava, lady.

  6. Thank you for the appreciative comments. Even my Mom’s comment (which she reads everyday and never comments) was surprising. I most certainly learned my open mind beliefs from being raised by a Mother who taught us everyday that everyone is different and that is what makes us so great. The “salad bowl” of the world as she would say. A Melting Pot makes the flavors combine to form one flavor, whereas a Salad Bowl combines the flavors unique tastes individually. (yes, we have food issues 🙂 ).

    Most importantly I think an apology is in order to the fact that so many people have been ridiculed for personal choices that are theirs to have. I am sorry that your Church has been the target of hate when your message is so full of love. I have met many Mormons who did not tell me their religious convictions for a long time because they say people usually run away. That can not be a good feeling. And it is not right that you should feel this way after choosing a Church that you know is true to you. I sincerely hope that people will start opening their minds pass the 20/20 interviews and the negative press that you receive and start experiencing you for the wonderful group of people that you are. I know, personally, I would have a different life without my wonderful friends who are a part of your Church!

    T-Why wouldn’t we be friends??? I mean, you have nothing but the best of taste 😉

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