Random Crap

…Because that’s all I’ve got right now. And, I cribbed the title from the Wiz at MMW. Wanna make something of it?

Thanksgiving. Ugh. I hate, loathe even, all the food associated with Turkey Day. Turkey? Yuck- the only thing I’d even touch is a tiny bit of breast meat- seems like such a waste. Pumpkin pie? You couldn’t pay me to eat it- seriously. Yams or any vegetable with marshmallows on it? What are you thinking- marshmallows are pure evil. Stuffing and gravy? Geeeewww- it’s soggy, fatty bread, and gravy is just icky.

Did I mention I’m cooking on Thursday? Yes, and we’re having guests. I’m making enchiladas and sopapillas. Just kidding. I’ll trod out all the old standbys, put the proper feast on the table, and not eat a bite. Well, OK, I do like mashed potatoes.

My husband is home all this week. He’s already driving me crazy, and it’s only 10:32 a.m. Why is it we yearn for them to be around more, but when they are, they get underfoot and rile the kids up and make life harder? I’m still happy he’s home.

Abby doesn’t talk yet at all. Anyone else have an 18 month old with no verbal skills? By this time, my boys had 60-80 word vocabularies. What gives? I think she’s just fine, and she understands everything, just makes no effort to talk.

I’ve been called to teach Sunday School to the 12 year old girls at church. I think it’ll be good- there’s only three of them, and someone else gets the 8 boys in the same age group. I’m good with that.

Pictures are coming up- that time of year I dread. Getting three kids to the photographer clean and happy and put together is nigh unto impossible, and I always end up a total wreak. But Abby hasn’t had her picture taken since she was 5 months old. Bad Mama. Jeff’s school picture is comical, and Beanie doesn’t get school pictures yet-so of to JC Penny we go. *Holding my breath and grinding my teeth*

Three more days until I get to decorate for Christmas! Yee-haw!! Get thyself away, Thanksgiving!

I adore the version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemenby the Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan- it makes me feel so happy.

With all my heart I wish I could see my family this year.

My new favorite album is Brandi Carlile’s The Story. Every song is just wonderful- and it’s pretty much on constant rotation in our house.

My best girlfriend from Jr High had her first baby a few days ago, and just I’m so happy for her and her wonderful husband. They waited a long time for this little girl, and it’s going to be fun watching them be parents.

Haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. Anyone going to brave the masses for Black Friday? Last time I did, I swore I would never do it again- but depending on the ads on Thursday, I must just do it. There is an annonymous member of my family who gets up at 4:30 am on that Friday and doesn’t come home ’til midnight. I won’t be going with her.

Obviously I’ve bombed out of the NaBloPoMo. Oops. Sorry. I suppose it’s better to write when I have something to say, rather than output drivel. Cause this isn’t drivel? Uh-huh. See what I mean?

Beanie wore his pretty pants to church yesterday. Really. The black velvet ones with rhinestones and pink flowers. I don’t know if we just have a rockin’ ward or what, but he got SO many compliments, from the Bishop down, that I know he’s going to want to wear them again. He did have on a white shirt. So whatever.

Off to change a poopy diaper. You needed to know that, right?

19 thoughts on “Random Crap

  1. To add to your Christmas mix, “What Child is This?” by Mercy Me is incredible!

    And by the way, I love random crap. 🙂

  2. Amen on BNL & Sarah’s version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. We bought the CD just for that song.

    Sweet potatoes are da bomb, without the marshmallows. They’re great baked. Burgerville makes sweet potato fries to die for.

  3. All I’ve had is random crap for at least 6 weeks.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about Abby for at least another few months.
    I have a niece who has a speech impediment with hard consonants, it made most of her early word attempts impossible to recognize, all we heard were vowels.
    Love the pants, love the turkey martyr.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about Abby either. My mom said I didn’t talk until I was almost 3. I’m the 7th of 10 kids, and mom said that I just let my older siblings talk for me. When my brother just older than me finally started school, I finally started talking.
    Oh and I agree with you on the stuffing, yams, YUCK! But oh I love me some smashed potatos and gravy, I could eat it every day all day and still love it, though my thighs would not love me!

  5. Oh, the pretty pants made me laugh! Rhinestones, oh my!

    Ok, if you’re really concerned about Abby’s speech, email me. Otherwise, get yourself to signingtime.com, and pick up the first 3 videos. They are tailor made for little, little ones, and they will improve her expressive vocab. I practically guarantee it. Plus, the rest of the family will have fun learning some signs, and hey, if nothing else, it’s a new video that your boys haven’t seen a billion times. Works for me.

  6. Marshmallows in general should be banned. And on yams, yucky. So I use this other recipe that tastes like you’re eating pie filling. It’s like dessert. So good. If you want it, I’ll forward it on. Or else, you can just skip the yams altogether. Your Thanksgiving – make whatever you want.

  7. Your random crap makes me feel happy. My own random crap just annoys me. So thanks for sharing.

    As for Abby, unlike Heather O, I’m completely unqualified, but here’s my experience anyway. My girl didn’t speak until she was two, and she’s an only child, so she wasn’t relying on older siblings. A word here or there, but no sentences or phrases. I remember being vaguely concerned, but did the wait and see thing, which is not my personality at all. Good thing, because suddenly out of the blue, she spoke in complete, full sentences, adjectives, adverbs, the works.

    And…get this…her enunciation was perfectly clear. Everyone (not just family members in on the private language) could understand every single word. It was great! She’s twelve now and still not much of a talker, but her language skills (writing, reading) are way high. Obviously, this not-talking trait doesn’t come from me.

  8. Random crap is what I thrive on. It’s usually all I’ve got. This NaBloPoMo thing is taking all I’ve got, but right now it’s good for me to stretch myself like this.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone with such disdain for all things Thanksgiving. I love marshmallows, but not on sweet potatoes. blech. I, like The Wiz, make the pie filling type sweet potato offering for the big day.

    I wish I were as excited as you for Christmas decorations. I usually don’t get mine up until December. Lazy Girl.

  9. I’m LOVING Brandi Carlile. I’d never heard of her until she popped up on my KT Tunstull radio on pandora.com. I just love every song that is hers. I think I need to buy that album. Courtney Jaye is another one that’s great that I’d never heard of.

    Also? Not a big Thanksgiving fan. Turkey gives me migraines (no lie) and the rest of it is just gross. Well- except the pie. I LOVE pie.

  10. Everyone gets so obsessed with the “White Shirt and Tie” business. I wonder what would (will?) happen if (when?) your little guy wears the sparkly velvet pants with his white shirt and tie on the first Sunday he is a Deacon. Will they let him pass the sacrament??

  11. I was so excited there for a second thinking that I was gonna have mexican food. If you should choose to change your mind I promise to bring some pad thai to go with it……..
    Dh didn’t talk till he was in kindergarten. Not a surprise really, considering how little he talks now. Just one of those people with not a lot to say I guess.
    I’ll try to find my signing time movies for you, no promises though.

  12. He didn’t have a tie on, and I obviosly don’t really care about conforming to Sunday dress- it’s all arbitrary. I don’t get the white shirt thing, either. That’s cultural mo, not doctrine.

  13. *gasp!* You don’t like Thanksgiving food!? Okay, so I’m appalled by the thought of marshmallows and veggies, too, but everything else is just so yummy! Well, at least there’s always mashed potatoes. Really good garlic-y ones with bacon bits and chives and dill. Mmmmm. I can hardly wait.

    I so hear you on having DH home. I love it and hate it for the exact same reasons you shared.

    Good luck with your pictures and decorating. I’m so excited to do it Friday, too!

  14. Hey, don’t everybody speak so ill of marshmallows and yams. That combo got me through a couple of evil barfy moments in my first pregnancy. Yes, I made marshmallows and yams ON PURPOSE when it wasn’t even Thanksgiving. They are just that good, and when I ate them, my body rejoiced and sang, “There’s a party in my tummy!”

    So there.

  15. Heather, all bets are off when you’re pregnant. I lived on Kool Ade and huckleberry jam with Abby- it was the only think I didn’t barf. And I do mean just the JAM, no toast- just jam with a spoon.

    A woman can’t be held responsible for what she eats when pregnant.

  16. “Anyone else have an 18 month old with no verbal skills?”

    Yup. My little guy is exactly the same. He has six older siblings who were all talking by now, but he’s happy just…not. I’m not worried either. He understands everything and responds to everyone. He just doesn’t wanna talk yet. I keep wondering if he’ll be one of those kids who just suddenly starts talking in sentences one day out of the blue.

    I’m afraid I can’t relate to your dislike of Thanksgiving foods. Love them! Love it all! Love it, love it, love it! But we’re from Canada, so Thanksgiving Day was back in October for us. So, I agree with you on one thing…onward to December!!! 🙂

  17. Here’s that recipe 2x…
    Go to the store
    Find Thai Kitchen boxed pad thai
    go home
    make it

    Ta Da!
    (But I am looking for a good recipe, I’ll let you know when I find one)

  18. Kind of late, but my little guy is 18 months and only has a few words. It’s been weird because my oldest had a huge vocabulary and loved to talk (still does). I second the recommendation for signing time–he knows quite a few signs from that show and has started saying some words along with them. Like for several months he only signed “more” and now he says “ma” along with the sign.

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