Black Friday

We’re setting up the tree, I have the carols blasting, the kids are tossing the paper chains all catty-whompus around the living room, when DH, who did NOT grow up in a Holiday Appreciation Household, made a quip that sent me into tears.

I have no idea why- I know he doesn’t get into the holidays like I do, and it doesn’t usually bother me- but for some reason, I just started bawling. Killed the mood, and now the tree is standing forlorn and unadorned; the wind just plunked out of my sails.

I’m standing at the kitchen sink, sniffing and wiping my eyes with a paper-towel. Jeffrey, oblivious to my feelings, like any six year old boy, begins to whine, questioning when we will commence decorating the tree.

I can hear DH futzing around in the living room, more for my benefit than anything, he says: “When I go outside and hang myself.”

Jeffrey, ever the eager boy, says: “Can I HELP!?”

I burst out laughing. Mood restored, tree decorating can resume.  Anyone else married to a Grinch?

13 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. LOL. Thank heavens for a sense of humor:)

    Fortunately I wouldn’t put my spouse in the Grinch category but I do know what it’s like to grow up in a “non-Holiday Appreciation Household” and I remember that the atmosphere was sometimes depressing. As a teenager I remember complaining to my best friend and she suggested that maybe once I became THE MOM I could set a goal to make the holidays fun for my kids. That statement really made an impact on my life and I’m grateful for her. Still today I avoid seeing my mom during the holidays.

  2. “Anyone else married to a Grinch?”…yeah, my husband was for years. I was the grumpy one last year, the year before that, and the year before that. I made a choice to be happy this year, and totally get into it, but failed for Thanksgiving. I guess I only have one holiday in my “spirited” bucket. I’m so excited for Christmas this year I can taste it! Already done the shopping, and planned the feasts! Send your husband over to my house and let my husband have a little talk with him…he’ll go home to you full of Christmas Cheer, Hot Cocoa, and Sugar Cookies!!!

  3. Yeah, my husband doesn’t get the gift-giving thing like I do. I get really weird about Christmas for my kids. I have to go completely overboard on presents. He’s learned to shrug and say “whatever.”

    He actually wrapped a present in a grocery sack w/duct tape once because he couldn’t find wrapping paper and scotch tape. The man’s a lost cause.

  4. I’m afraid my DH is a grinch just in general. Throws cold water on most any domestic plan, scheme, or system of mine. Sometimes I make a special request for support–an ethical appeal to his duty to support his wife. Mostly I chalk it up to the yin and yang attraction that brought us together. (And really he’s awesome in most every way.)

    Have you seen that article in Wondertime magazine about the mom who gives totally in to the Christmas spirit (in the most amazing outfit ever) and gives her family a glut of excess?

  5. Have you met my husband? You know, the one who raised saying “Bah Humbug” to an art form? One of his brothers is the same way, but his sister and youngest brother are wonderful around the holidays! My sister in law and I like to joke that the oldest two came out broken.
    Susan, feel happy you got the special wrapping only once, it’s TRADITION in my husband’s family!!!!!

  6. I wouldn’t label Evan a “Grinch,” but he postpones and procrastinates preparing for Christmas until it is too late. Leaving the majority of the burden on me…

    One year I asked him to be in charge of the stockings. He actually did an amazing job, not how I would have done it, but he did it, and the kids and I were thrilled! Last year I put him in charge of all the wrapping, which he also did willingly. The grocery sack with duct tape is classic! Do Black Trash Bags with a ribbon on it count? And our gift labels are always post-it notes.

  7. Renn is a half-hearted grinch sometimes. He doesn’t understand all of my intense desire to create beautiful memories type-franticness….
    but he’s also usually smart enough not to make me cry.
    Sounds rough…. I’m sorry.

  8. Sad! And funny.

    I’m lucky. NYDD gets as excited for Christmas as I do. He plasters our apartment with lights to the point of embarrassment. What he doesn’t get, though, is all my crafting and picture taking.

  9. You’ve got a sweet boy there 😉
    Not married to a Grinch here… and no suggestions either… but there are other things that he doesn’t understand. I guess that’s just part of marriage, eh??

  10. I have a “fake” grinch of a husband who truly enjoys Chrismtas deep down in his heart, but is unwilling to admit it. Yet, our Christmas lights are up and shining brightly. He says he does it for me, but I see the glimmer in his eyes when he shows the kids and takes the pictures. He grew up in a house that had no Christmas. JW’s until he was seven and then never took the holiday or any other really until Grandbabies started coming. I do all the Xmas shopping and get all of our plans together, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I am so darn controlling, but the morning of, I love to sit back and watch the child in him, the one that never got the magic when he was younger, appear and rip through presents, drink the egg nog, and even go to Church with no fuss and and I swear he is twelve that entire day! Very cute!

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