Guaranteed Hollandaise Sauce


About twice a year I make Eggs Benedict. Anymore than that and we’d all be in the cardiac unit- but, oh my, it is my favorite breakfast ever.  Well, it might be followed closely by my apple Dutch Baby, but it’s still got a slim (ha!) lead.

The only problem with Eggs Benedict (besides the utter over-the-topness of a sauce made with so much butter) is making hollandaise sauce. It can be tricky, and the stuff from the store is just gross. If you’re going to do Benedict, do make your sauce from scratch. Especially since I’m going to give the absolutely guarantees method for making it without it EVER breaking or separating. I promise.

  1. In your blender, put three raw egg yolks. Do something else with the whites- I don’t care, but they have no place in a hollandaise.
  2. Add 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice to the egg yolks, and whirl it all up.
  3. In a glass measuring cup, melt two sicks of butter in the microwave.
  4. With the butter hot, and the blender on, GRADUALLY add the hot butter to the whirling egg yolks.
  5. That’s it. It will be the best hollandaise ever, and no breaking. The heat from the butter warms the eggs, and all is well in the world. SOOOOO yummy.

Oh, but don’t eat this if you’re preggers, and all that- raw eggs, you know. The eggs are cooked a little by the butter, but better safe than sorry.

Tradition says that Benedict is served with an English muffin, Canadian bacon and a poached egg. That’s not how I do it, but feel free if that toots your horn. For a new mix, try replacing the muffin with a fresh baked, split buttermilk biscuit, topped with thin sliced ham and a poached egg. Or, my personal favorite, top the split biscuit with sauteed fresh spinach and a thick slice of fresh tomato, then the egg and hollandaise. I think they call that Eggs Florentine. I don’t care- it’s the best thing ever.

14 thoughts on “Guaranteed Hollandaise Sauce

  1. Oh. My. Word. I’ve died and gone to heaven. I love poached eggs. And Eggs Benedict? Quite possibly the best food ever. Thanks for the sauce recipe. That’s so non-scary, I’ll definitely try it. Along with all the variations. Oh, yum!

  2. Man, that looks good. I love Eggs Benedict, but am always scared to order it because of the salmonella scariness (raw eggs sitting around in restaurants, not good). So I will try this.

    Seriously, is that a picture of your food at your house, or did you just find that somewhere? Because if you made that beautiful thing, I am so moving in tomorrow.

    Oh wait, you have snow there……

  3. DAH! So you mean I have to wait 3 more months before I can try this?! Thanks for torturing me! I knew I hated being pregnant!

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  5. I used to work at an oyster bar in San Francisco and one of my jobs was whisking the Hollandaise sauce. It was hard work. Like such hard work that I thought my hand and wrists would fall off. The chef owner would spaz if you stopped whisking it for a second.

    Why didn’t he let me use a BLENDER!? I never have even thought of that possibility before (duh). And I’ve never made Hollandaise since then. Now, it doesn’t seem so daunting!

  6. Day before Easter and searching for just the right hollandaise sauce….up comes your excellent and logical recipe. Now I’m feeling ready for festivities! Thanks and Happy Easter.

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  8. Followed your directions… and yep… came out PERFECT! This is my first time making or eating EB… so I’m super excited! AND… I find out today is National EB Day… haha! Ok, I’m off……time to poach the eggs! Wish me luck, haha….

  9. Wonderful except the issue you have with butter. Just buy your butter from farmers who make it from milk from cows that are pasture fed organic without the corn. The butter is then an excellent source of 4 essential vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids that you can only get from animal fat. The misconception that we retain the cholesterol we consume is stored in our arteries was dispelled about 300 hundred studies ago. It has been perpetuated by Big Corn. Margarine is in fact the number one killer of North Americans. It fools your body into thinking it is receiving the vitamins when in fact it isn’t.

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