Odds and Ends

Despite the Grinch and his tear-inducing ways, my tree is up and decorated, and if I can keep Abby from UN-decorating the entire bottom half, it will be a good month. There are no lights on the outside of the house yet, and with snow predicted for tonight, it’s not looking good for my little lightbulb friends.

A week with DH at home has been (trying to think of something true yet tactful- not my strong suit) lovely. He did afford me some nice alone time, straightened out the basement, and let me get in some good sewing time. That means all of you ladies who’ve been waiting for your Pay It Forward treats will be getting something in the mail this week.

I think retired missions just might be marriage savers.

Me, the toy goddess, is stymied by what to get Abby for Christmas. We have everything she could possibly need, yet the poor girl needs to unwrap something. I might just tear a page from Wiz’s book at MMW and wrap up toys she already has!

Jeffrey and I are both sick. Abby has a running nose, so it’s coming for her, too. I think the flu and pneumonia shots I got last month are helping though, because I’m not currently flattened by this bug. Jeff’s going to school no matter what.

Everyone back to school and work tomorrow! Yay!

Still no pictures for the Christmas card- Abby keeps banging her head on things, and I really don’t want purple goose-eggs preserved for posterity.

I have a stye on my left eye. Anyone ever had one of those? So not only is my head full of concrete and I’m coughing and sneezing, but my left eye looks like a pink prune. It’s very lovely, let me tell you.

Babies galore in the blogworld- it must be something in the air. Bek, Nestle, Carrie and most recently, Julie, have announced buns in the oven. Congrats, Mamas! Keep away from me. *just kidding* (mostly) sort of.

After eight years of marriage, I’ve thrown in the towel and handed management of all our finances to my husband. I love it. Money and I don’t mix too well- I mean, I like to buy things, but I hate numbers. Hate them. Give me some words. Words, I love. Numbers, not so much.

Bean hit Jeffrey over the head last night with a small Christmas tree. Said Jeff was buggin’ him. Small shards of ornament balls do not make good bedfellows, as Jeff’s bed had to be stripped and vacuumed. What to do with the boy… *sigh*

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  1. I’m glad to hear that your decorating got done despite the Grinch.

    Styes suck. The best thing to do for them is wet/warm compresses–if you have the patience. (I don’t) Just don’t buy that product called Stye. It’s just petroleum jelly.

  2. Tracy–hey I’m a loyal MMW reader and wanted to ask you a specific toy question from your post a few weeks ago. Sorry to leave a comment on here but I wasn’t sure how else I could reach you. You can email me at the email I provided and then I can ask said question . . . if you have time that is!


  3. I think… that maybe… this will be the FIRST year where the kids don’t rip the decorations off the tree as fast as I can get them on. Maybe. If I’m lucky. Last year we almost made it, but in the few days before Christmas they just couldn’t resist any longer… I’m hoping that this will be the year!

  4. Sounds like the persistent busy worrying sickness/frantic child management that has been keeping me from composing a decent blog post…. only x3, and you still write beautifully.


  5. Mine is almost done, I still have houses to put up. I gave up on lights on the house years ago. 😦

    With my PPD, it is still hard for me to get in the mood, put I am at least trying to go through the motions. Maybe it will help.

  6. Having DH around all day long is always . . . interesting. School and work are definitely good things for both of us. Wiz’s idea of wrapping toys she already has is brilliant. So remembering that. I’m sorry you feel like trash. 😦 No fun. Plus a stye? Geez. That’s really awful. Feel better!! ((hugs))

  7. The first missionaries we met were retireees. I remember asking them at what age do they become “elders” in the Church. That was funny.

    Be happy that the sickness is now and not at the end of the month. Try vicks vaporub on the bottom of the feet and then covered in socks. It is the best old wive’s tale I have ever been told and always works for us.

    **YAY** for work and for school. Anyone who hates year round school has never had the pleasure of just having their children off for one month at a time 🙂

    Little J would hit M with a tree in an instant if he was bugging him. Think it has something to do with big brother syndrome. They are always faster and wiser for now and that is hard for little guys to take too much of!

    Get the lights up and take a pic…have to see it!

  8. Steep a teabag, wring it out a bit, wrap it in a paper towel and leave it on your eye for a bit while it’s still nice and warm. plain tea works best, but use what you’ve got. there’s my pearl of wisdom for the day. Is it strange that I’m actually hoping I get sick so I can try the Vicks/foot thing?

    Your tree is beautiful, as always. So is my bag! Squeeeee!!!

  9. I read about the vicks thing the other day and tried it on Jeffrey- he was coughing like crazy, and as soon as I did it, he stopped and slept soundly for the rest of the night. What the heck is that about??? I mean really, what’s going on there??? It totally works!!

    B- we got our first snow tonight! The kids were out back trying to catch flakes on their tongues in their footie jammies. It won’t stick, but it’s pretty while it lasts!

    Glad you like it, Mo. I exist to serve. I’ll try the teabag. Thanks.

  10. I always feel disapointed with myself when I’m so thrilled when everyone goes back to school/work. Nevertheless….

    I think our tree is going to stand in a crib this year. The 18-month-old is totally incorrigible!

  11. Tracy, just think how awsome it would be if we could bash our kids over the head with a mini Christmas tree every time they were “bugging” us?

    Weeks home with husbands, haven’t had to deal with that in a while, but I can imagine that three days would be my limit. Glad you got to sew anyway. Hope all the babies get better. If you do end up with a picture and Ab’s still had a gooseegg, e mail me the picture and I can photoshop it out. Photoshop saves me…. 😉

    Happy Holidays.

  12. I’ve heard about the Vick’s thing too, and a woman in our ward says it has to do with essential oils (the eucalyptus in the rub I think??) and properties of reflexology. Hey, whatever works, I say.

    Stys are no fun. I have no wisdom. Sorry.

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