Breakfast Surprise

The sun was just peeping between the shutters this morning, when the boys noisily tip-toed and giggled into our room…

Jeffrey, thinking he was quiet, in a loud little-boy whisper: Bean! You take dad, I’ll take mom…

Beanie, giggling: DAD! Jeffrey: MOM!

We were awake already, and rolled over to look at their bright, rosy faces. They were obviously excited and had something up their sleeves.

Jeffrey, wiggling out of his skin with anticipation: Mom! Dad! Come downstairs! Me and Bean have a surprise for you! Come on! Now! Mom dad mom mom mom dad dad DAD!

DH and I look at each other, eyes mirroring hesitation and ever-so-slight horror at what the surprise might be… But we dragged ourselves from bed and followed their eager, jammie-clad footsteps down the stairs. Racing around the corner into the dining room, we followed, DH and I again exchanged glances, and small smiles.

In the dining room, at the table, was breakfast for my darling husband and myself. At our places, we each had a large paper towel carefully laid out, and sitting upon it was a cheese, bologna and mayonnaise sandwich. There was also a very full, but carefully poured, tall glass of milk for each of us. The boys stood, arms outstretched in presentation, positively delighted with themselves.

DH and I sat down to a scrumptious breakfast, prepared and served to us by precious little hands that I am used to serving. I did whisper to DH, on the sly, that we didn’t have any bologna that I knew of, and strategically slid the antique meat off the sandwich and under our paper towels.

It was the best mayonnaise and cheese sandwich I’ve ever had.

11 thoughts on “Breakfast Surprise

  1. What sweet little men. I don’t know which part of the story is my favorite–the fact that they served “bologna” sandwiches for breakfast, the fact that it was a surprise, or the inedibility of the meat (which is 100% what would happen at my house).

  2. This literally brought me to tears. Please give the monkeys a big hug for me. I miss you guys. Merry Christmas. – Heather

  3. You have great kids! but you knew that already…..
    Thing 1 recently started making his own PB&J’s, so I shall be expecting one for breakfast in about *checks watch* a year.
    You are a wonderful mom and an amazing person. This just proves it!

  4. How very cute. Refer back to a few posts ago mentioning a day you lost it and ask yourself again what they will remember. I think a morning like this shows exactly how they remember you!

  5. You take this memory and scrapbook it. If you don’t scrapbook, let me know and I will scrapbook it for you. It’ll be my Christmas gift to you.

    If you don’t have a hard copy of this amazing experience, you will regret it. I promise.

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