Oh, the Drama


Got my hair cut. Chopped over 7 inches off, and got a little color added too- I wasn’t thinking so red, but that’s what happens when you tell the colorist to do whatever she wants. It’s stripey and funky and I think I like it- it’s festive! It’s supposed to be a three-tier copper- dark underneath, a bright penny color in the middle, and a more muted shade on top. We’ll see if I look like Bozo outside tomorrow… Besides, I’ve been blonde, like, forever.

I can handle anything for color, as long as the cut is good- and this is a good cut. I haven’t gone this short since before Jeffrey was born- maybe since high school- I dunno. Last time I went to this salon, she did exactly what I wanted, and so I trusted her this time to take me shorter- She said my hair grows over 2″ a month, based on the lines of my previous cut- so even if I get nervous about being so short, my head will, apparently, make endless hair. Whoo hoo!

It should be fun to see what the kids think in the morning. Oh, and I am looking down to the right in the picture, while my left hand holds the camera. That’s only half my hair. (Are you proud of me, Mo?!)

18 thoughts on “Oh, the Drama

  1. I love the color! I had a stylist (also a friend) that I told to pick the color of my hair… she bleached out these HUGE chunks of hair and then died part of them koolaid red. Her husband walked in and said “What did you do to her hair?!” I thought he was just kidding… but no… when I got home my hubby tried so hard to hide the shock. I had white white chunks, super red chunks and then my natural dark brown. He called me “the little neapolitan girl” – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I called her and asked her if she could tone it down a bit. When I got back to her house her husband said, “See… I told you it looked bad.” I’m glad your story has a happier ending! The color is amazing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it! And I am so jealous that Mo gets to see it in person. You will have to refresh it before B and I come out there 🙂

  3. That was supposed to be a guy sticking his tongue out, but he just looks really happy. That doesn’t convey the fact that I was teasing you at all! Stupid lame emoticon

  4. LOL, Mo! Sticking tongue out, laughing, either way I got it just the same 😉 And don’t worry about being beaten up, I am afraid that would not be possible, but I will challenge you to a dance-off 🙂

  5. T are you trying to make me more jealous with the fact that Mo will see you Christmas Day? Shame on you 🙂 Now you both are being challenged to the dance off!

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