A man and his hat- what can I say? Mr. Mo Mommy left his hat at our house last night after the Christmas chaos settled- he turned over the house looking for it, but sleepy babies and grumpy mamas made him abandon hope and head home sans chapeau.

This morning, while digging out of the mess, it came crawling out from behind the tree, and I had to take the fireplace poker to it to subdue the beast. Mo claims the mister has several very becoming replacements for this tattered, ratty, sweaty, can walk-on-it’s-own ball-cap; and yet, something about the Y chromosome covets clothing such as this-

How bout you? What’s the grossest thing your husband insists on wearing, and what would you do to get rid of it? I’m holding this one for ransom- if he loves it that much, I figure it’s good for at least some nice cheese in exchange.

15 thoughts on “Ransom!

  1. Brown polyster bellbottoms from the DI. They stink to high heaven after 2.5 hours of use and don’t match a single shirt he owns, but the man adores them. Gross.

  2. I finally got him to ditch it a few years ago, but my hubby held on to this ratty winter coat from his mission. Since he was from LA and didn’t need one down there, it was found secondhand in NYC to begin with, and it just got more tattered and vile as the years passed. He wasn’t even wearing it anymore (I gave him a Carhartt)!

    BTW, in my feed reader, your pics are looooooong and stretchy. I have to click over here to figure out what the actual photographic subject is. Heh.

  3. Oh that is terribly funny! My husband loves to wear caps as well. And he is terribly fond of t-shirts. His worst offenses are when either a red sweatshirt or cap bleeds onto the white lettering, creating a pinkish hue on them.

    He also held onto a brown leather jacket he has worn since HS. It was cracked and faded, the lining was shredded beyond any help. I bought him another jacket a few years ago, very painful transition to the new jacket.

  4. Well, since the post was about Mr. Mo Mommy, I should probably dish on my own husband-

    He has these old sweatshirts he loves- the cuffs are little more than ragged threads, the seams are all undone like MMM’s cap, and the ribbing around the collar looks like spiderwebs. I don’t DARE toss them.

    On another note, though- if we were ever independantly wealthy (HA!) he claims he would wear new socks every single day, forever. I guess that’s good, right?

  5. My hubby has a leather jacket… not a nice one… a ratty, been through a rain storm, zipper broken, brownish jacket. Every time I mention getting rid of it he gets all bleary eyed as he remembers the glory days (a.k.a. high school)… I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it out of my house…

  6. ok that’s stinkin’ funny. kev has “goldie”. It’s an ASU t-shirt that has holes all over it and well can stand on it’s own, even if I put it through the wash.

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