2007 Year in Review

I know you’ve been waiting for this with abated breath, so without further ado, I give you, ta-da! The Year in Review:

January: Abigail learned to crawl, and nothing was safe anymore- lost were the days of baby on the floor without mama paying much attention. It hasn’t stopped yet. We got snowed-in at the Exchange on the base, and I had flashbacks of my imaginary life as a pioneer while I fished for my keys in a snowbank. I didn’t die, despite my empathising with the pioneers. The Great Pizza Experiment was conducted, to rave reviews and much artery-clogging love of my husband, while I worked out the kinks in mastering home-made pizza. Beanie locked me out of the house in the snow.

February: Finally started Abby’s quilt- it’s still not done. The crib officially fell apart, and Jeffrey became a hero by saving Abby from the treacherous crib catastrophe. My planned weekend getaway to Seattle was ix-nayed by tummy troubles in our house, and Jeff got his first cavity. A Jasmine plant socked me upside the memory nodule in the middle of the grocery store, and I was suddenly 17 again. Jeffrey learned to read, and I discovered lipstick- it’s not just for my grandma.

March: My family finds joy in Frank, while going through another bout of the stomach flu, and DH passes out on the floor- I wonder if I will survive winter. Nitrous oxide becomes my best friend as we visit the dentist yet again. I took a two-week bloggy-break and discovered my contacts were in the wrong eyes, and maybe I wasn’t going to die after all. We decided to sell our house. Gulp…

April: Selling house, selling house, selling house. Going nuts. Fast. Cleaning. Real Estate agents. Hell. Another two-week hiatus- and more barf. With open houses. Hell. Did I mention Hell? Abby turned one.

May: Accepted an offer on old house, in escrow on two houses simultaneously. Don’t do it. Never. Hell. Escrow. Escrow. Money… More money… buh-bye. Someone stole our credit card numbers during escrow- because escrow isn’t enough Hell all by itself. By Memorial Day, we were moving, and sigh…… it was over. Joy! (If only it were that easy in real-time!)

June: Unpacked and unpacked and lost things, but I did find the marvelous book on Danger for Boys. More about my mercury concerns and soapboxing, as well as my ill-timed decision to paint some paintings before I was even done unpacking. I am, before all else, practical! Discovered yard sales in my new neck of the woods, and decided refinishing my antique piano was also a good idea since we weren’t unpacked yet. See? Practical.

July: Shared some recipes and griped about the heat. I hate July. Refurbished Phoebe the buffet, and took picture to prove it. DH busted out the big guns and blew us out of the bedroom with his new industrial fans, and I still couldn’t figure out why my house didn’t feel like home yet. Jeffrey chooses a wife, and I wax poetic on Haagen Daz. Harry Potter wrapped, and I gave my first talk in a Sacrament meeting, while counting the days until school starts.

August: Beanie renames himself, and yard sales take over my life. I found the ’35 Royal typewriter for three bucks, and went postal on the mailman. Oh, and I shut down Dandelion. Forever. Turns out forever lasts about 10 days. Oh well. What can I say? This is my drug. Jeffrey lost six teeth and looked like a Jack-O-Lantern, and the tooth fairy dropped the ball. Twice. Jeff turned six.

September: School started! I psychoanalyzed my kids, and decided they’re cool. DH and I decide we are capable, and assemble a playground in the new backyard. It only takes until midnight to finish… My babies are growing up, and I wax a little melancholy. Then I remember what life is really like, and laugh myself silly. DH scores major points with the first little Blue Box of my life, and we celebrate 8 years married, 18 together. Gah. How is that possible? Beanie turns four, and soccer enters our lives. Abby experiments with her poop, and decided it’s not really for her. Thank heavens.

October. My birthday comes and we celebrate with a rousing rendition and refrain of the stomach flu. Yet again.  My first sharing of the famous and inimitable Cinnamon Rolls. If you don’t have the recipe, do yourself a favor and print it. Yes, I will toot my own horn on this one. My first weekend away from my kids EVER actually happened this time! It was wonderful. Fell down the stairs with Abby and my knee still hurts. Next recipe, for Tote Bags, is also worth printing. California caught fire, but my family is safe. Had the best Halloween hair ever.

November: Celebrated the dead, and lamented the pink Christmas tree. Had a little locker-room problem and Jeff started swim lessons, and I tried to promote my pet-project of wooden and non-toxic toys. Gave up trying to clean my house, and finally accepted that chaos reigns. Had a little contest (they’re coming, really!) Had a little contest, and Jeff tried to pay me to wipe his tush. We learned that our grass is made of dead lions, and sometimes all I have to say is random crap. You got my hollandaise recipe, and I became the Human Napkin.

December: Was enchanted by a single snowflake, Abby got stuck in the kitchen while Bean created performance art, and western Washington floated away. Baked, cooked and ate until stuffed as fat ticks. Sent out the Christmas cards and had breakfast prepared for the first time by the monkeys. I cut the crap out of my hair, and took a dunk in the dark dye. Still in the holding pattern on that one… Christmas came, and Christmas went- whoooooosh. That was fast. Cheese, glorious cheese, and I waxed on… And there we were.

Here’s to a delightful and wonder-filled 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. I really like where we’re at ……… even though I’m a wreck.
    I suspect personal wreckage is part of the challenge , at least
    part of my challenge.

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