Girls Night Out

Mo and Vii decided I needed a night out with the girls- and wouldn’t take “no”, or the fact that I have no money, for an answer. They hijacked me and treated me to a movie, an enormous vat of popcorn and a barrel of overpriced pop.

We went to see Cloverfield.

OK, this is not usually my type of movie, but one does not look a gift-horse in the mouth, and when a mama is offered a free night out with the girls, one jumps. I had no idea what this movie was about, but from the name, I surmised it was some sort of dreamy, flower filled chick-flick. Uh, yeah. Wrong-o, buck-o. Not one for suspense, I googled the preview beforehand, and read everything I could on it- it’s the only way I can do suspense- as in, only if I know what’s coming. That defeats the whole suspense  thing, I know, but whatever.

It was good. It was edge-of-your-seat type good- or in my case, clutching-my-coat-to-my-face good. There are a few scenes that are eewwy, and there is some blood, but mostly, just like the characters in the movie, you are afraid of what you can’t see. Do not be like the lady in front of us and take your primary-aged kids. I mean, come on- If there were a few more swear words, it would easily be rated R. Insane action, nonstop moving camera work, and loud, loud, loud explosions.

Early in the film, the parallels to 9/11 are so close as to be genuinely distrubing- be prepared. I wasn’t.

Oh, and if you’re sensitive to motion sickness, you might want to pop a Dramamine beforehand- Vii actually got sick in the restroom afterwards. Oh, and stay for the credits. All the way to the end.

12 thoughts on “Girls Night Out

  1. Of course we hijacked her. Duct tape on her mouth, zip tied hands and feet, bag over her head, the works! That’s one of the perks of being friends with us!!
    IT WAS AWESOME! Thanks for going!

  2. There is nothing like good girl friends. Thanks for the warning about the motion sick. I can’t handle crazy camera action.

    Now I’m craving buttery movie popcorn. yum.

  3. As much as I would love to have a “girls night out,” or “hijacking” whatever the case may be, Clovefield would be a no for me.

    After popping a much needed Dramamine, I would probably fall asleep and waste my 8 bucks.

  4. ok…Jamie and I saw it today…and we didn’t stay until the end of the credits. What happened? I’m dying to know…

    you can email me the answer if you don’t want to spoil it for others.

    i didn’t think it would be my kind of movie either, but i love lost…so we had to go see it.

    it was terrifying.

    love ya, chels

  5. I can’t even watch the trailers…. I like my movies funny and light. I have enough drama in my real life… but I am glad you got to get out for the evening. Those things are important all the time.

    It is kind of like our philosophy living here (where there is NEVER enough money). It is important to have these little breaks (not that you want to nickle and dime yourself to death, but) it is about quality of life for everyone… .glad you did it.

    Will you show us the picture of the tree of life theme painting you did? I am thinking that it might be time to commission one from you, love that theme and could use some ideas… 😉

  6. I saw the movie yesterday – LOVED it! But, I have just got to know, what was so exciting at the end of the credits? We stayed clear to the end, heard a little tiny whisper, and then nothing. I think I must have missed something? Anyone?

  7. Thanks. Finally I get it. I really didn’t hear the “help us” but the “It’s still alive” was chilling!

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