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  1. It’s amazing what insurance companies think you have lying around for $$ right after you’ve lost your source of income.

    I’m sorry, that just bites.

  2. No problemo. Doesn’t EVERYONE have that kind of money lying around? I mean, really, an extra mortgage payment for insurance isn’t unreasonable. *snort*

  3. Coming out of lurkdom here ask if you’ve looked into self-insuring? It’s not cheap, but a lot cheaper than your COBRA quote. My husbands work doesn’t offer insurance, so we’ve always self-insured. There are a lot of options – just contact an insurance salesman person or go to the websites of some insurance companies. We chose a high deductible to keep our monthly payments low, but we’re still allowed 6 office visits a year per person that are subject to a co-pay without first meeting our deductible. Good luck!

  4. Yeah there are insurance brokers who can probably find you a good deal.

    I’m paying more than half that just for my insurance via COBRA, but unfortunately I’m uninsurable through private insurance. Man I hate insurance companies.

  5. We have been covered by COBRA three times after moving/changing employment and there is some trick to it that you are technically covered, but don’t have to pay for it until 3 or 6 months if you need it. Look into the fine print or call the COBRA people, but I know that we never paid for it. If I remember right they have to offer you coverage for 3-6months and you can buy into it at any time during that period. So if you have a healthy couple of months and find employment you should be okay. Hope that helps.

  6. Ouch! Google “temporary insurance coverage.” You can get pretty decent rates for up to a year, and hopefully you won’t need it that long. It’s more catastrophic coverage, but at least it’s something and way less than your COBRA. Also check out this: http://www.wa.regence.com/needCoverage/individual/medicalPlan.html This has all the Regence rates. (You are in Washington, right?) You should be able to get good coverage for just over 1/2 of the COBRA amount, depending on your ages. I’ve known lots of people who have been able to use Regence when they’ve been laid off. Doesn’t work for me, I’m considered uninsurable, but if you don’t have major medical problems in your past, this can be a lifesaver. With my sad experience with multiple layoffs, I’ve learned a thing or two about health coverage and now am able to help members of my ward when they need to find coverage. Regence is usually your best bet, and usually cheapest.

  7. We self-insured for about the first year of our marriage. We used Blue Cross Blue Shield, and didn’t end up needing it at all, but it was reassuring knowing it was there just in case. An insurance agent we know blatantly advised us to lie on the forms though about certain medical issues, as they wouldn’t insure us otherwise (I have mild exercise induced asthma that hasn’t ever been officially diagnosed as far as I know and I don’t use an inhaler, but if I put on the forms that I have asthma, they would have denied us). I really dislike dealing with insurance companies (and with the state-provided health insurance we’re on right now which is a paperwork and lessons-in-humiliation nightmare every time we reapply).

    Maybe see if there are any insurance agents in your ward or neighborhood that you could talk to about the different options available in your area and which one they think might work best for your family.

    Good luck in figuring everything out!

  8. Um…yeah, you might be. If a doc has diagnosed you with it, and it’s on your chart. Insurance people do not like to cover ‘sick’ people. This includes perfectly healthy people with chronic manageable conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, etc. Only healthy people with lots of money to throw at them – those they like.

    Private insurance denied my daughter because of her prolapsed rectum, and then they finally had to take her because the state denied her too, saying she WAS TOO insurable. It was gaggy.

    I have no idea about catastrophe insurance, though.

    But, seriously, we paid $350/month for our family of 5. (this was about a year ago) I have heard of premiums as high as 800-1000, but that was for a family who had an epileptic daughter, and a family whose mom had a brain tumor. A BRAIN TUMOR – and they paid $1000/month.

    So if you don’t have a tumor or anything, I can’t see why asthma would push you up that high, but they really hate chronic conditions.

  9. BOOO for insurance (well, or lack of it). I hope that you can find something cheaper b/c that is INSANE.

    My sister self insures and she takes her kids to the health department for their immunizations. She pays very little for them (I am thinking 10-15 dollars each). It is much cheaper than going to the dr. If that helps…..

    Good luck. 🙂

  10. I’m not sure if someone already mentioned this, but has your DH already signed his severance agreement, or does he even have a severance?

    Sometimes this can be part of the severance agreement to cover the cost of COBRA for the next 6 months.

    I am so sorry, this is a terrible situation for your family. You deserve some makeup, I am sending you some asap.

  11. Yeah, it’s in all my charts. I was diagnosed as a baby. But, when I married DH, I was put on his insurance at work with no problem- and when we moved up here, we had a lapse of about 6 weeks, and they picked me up too- I’m really hoping that will be the case for any company he works for.

    That said, he did get a job offer last night- a company head-hunted him, and offered him a position- IF we were willing to relocate. Um, in a word, NO. I know we have to be flexible and all, but we just bought this house, and really don’t want to relocate. I know we have to have faith and be obedient, but we still feel and believe we belong here.

    The job was in Yakima, WA. I’ve never been there, but hear it’s about as exciting as it’s name.

  12. Well if you want to live in a city that no one can pronounce….(One of a few in WA) Moving stinks. Hope that you can find something that is best for your family and hope that it comes soon!

  13. Get something, even if you have to do a month of COBRA to finalize the other paperwork. My husband decided to drop the COBRA without telling me, and once uninsured we couldn’t get into an individual family policy that would cover all of us. We were rejected because, once uninsured they can object to conditions, and I was pregnant, and my husband has a blip in his medical history. To this day, he’s still not insured.

  14. Here in Utah we have the government program CHIP (children’s health insurance program.) I’m sure WA would have something similar. Have you checked into that? It would just cover your children, but then your Cobra would be much cheaper for you and your husband. Good luck. Insurance sucks…

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