This morning, the managers of our Bishop’s Storehouse called us; their cook was sick, and they wanted me to come in to fix lunch for the 20+ workers. I was delighted to say yes. Once upon a time, back when Bean was a newborn, I was the regular cook at the Storehouse, and I loved every minute of the work.

After calling around for a sitter, and trying to manage two carpools and the logistics of our family for the day, if I picked Bean up half an hour early from school, I could do it. So, Abby with the sitter, and Bean with me, I headed off to cook for my fellow man.

I forgot two things: I forgot how much work it is to cook lunch for that many people, and, I forgot how much I love working at the Storehouse. The spirit of kindness and charity and compassion is so incredible there- every single person is there for one reason only- to serve others. No one is paid. No one is required to be there. All the people working are doing so out of the good of their hearts, and they expect nothing in return. I love being there.

Beanie was an angel while I worked. At first, I was fearful it would be too much stimulation, and I am never sure how he will do around people he doesn’t know, but he was a trooper. Everyone was patient and kind, he got to help stock some shelves with the retired men who do that, he helped me do a little cooking, and he played in the cardboard piles. When lunch was served, he even sat at the table properly and used his best manners- it was wonderful.

After the dishes were done and we were headed out the door, I glanced down at the ground- there, sitting among the rocks near the door, was perfect little rock, in the shape of a lopsided little heart. I had forgotten it was Valentines day… I popped the rock in my pocket, my boy in the car, and bounced off down the street, happy and full of joy.

Hope your day is as full of love as mine.

11 thoughts on “Valentine

  1. Sounds like you had a great day, how fun for you. I think that sometimes the best days are ones that don’t turn out exactly how we had planned.

  2. Love the heart shaped rock, it is better than the heart shaped potatoes that were on the Ellen show…the rock will last longer and remind you of the lovely day that you had!

  3. Thanks for the post. Your trials are blessing all of us (does that make it easier?). I loved your pic, especially if you look at the comments from yesturday’s post about the “rock of help”.

    bless you

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a while…

    What a beautiful day you had. Such perfection, and on Valentine’s Day, the day of celebrating our love for others. I envy you.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day. Love your new header. Jendoop, how cool to think of the Ebenezer symbolism with the heart rock! That really warms my heart.

  6. Just lurking and I HAD to comment on this entry! I LOVE service and especially the Storehouse! I have not served there in years as my schedule has not allowed but I have fond memories like you of it and the thrill that EVERYONE is there for that one reason is so powerful it is hard to describe to others! Thanks for jogging my memory! I needed that reminder today :)-Molly

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