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I wore pants to women’s conference in my stake today. The  RS president told me I looked cute. They were nice slacks, with a sweater and heels, but there was no way I was wearing a skirt two days in a row. Uh-uh. Nope. Pants. I figured if anyone wanted to say anything, I coulda taken ’em.

Yesterday morning I woke up to Mo Mommy bouncing in bed beside me, marvelling at my squichy-Pedic mattress. I forgot she was coming over, and she woke me with exhuberence and a stunning new haircut. The Monkeys all played for a while, and I fed everyone Breakfast Mess for lunch- remind me to share the recipe.

Still no new job, but we’re hanging in here.

The other day, I caught the first scents of spring on the breeze- I always get catch fall in late summer, but this is the first time I can remember getting spring. I suppose the horrid winter we’ve had might have something to do with it- I’m really really ready for some springy-ness this year.

Working on Etsy stuff still. I’ve knitted a couple of pair of socks, and brought all my painting stuff into the studio. Tell me, what are you interested in seeing painted? Sayings? Kids stuff? Do you want diaper bags, or scripture bags, or something else? I can make anything…Give me some ideas!

Lemon IS the best flavor in the whole world. Just thought you needed to know.

I’m going to stop ordering movies for David from Netflix- he never has time to watch them, and they just clog up the queue. I’m moving all my movies to the top- up next, Pride and Prejudice- the one with Colin Firth- I’ve never seen it. Chick flick city!  Oh, and our Netflix membership is free, courtesy of my cousin, who works for them. Shhhh!

My best girlfriend is going through a little health scare right now, and I feel so helpless to do anything. Sometimes things just suck, and a phone call is poor consolation to a real hug and a real shoulder to lean on. If I could, I would throw us all on a plane and fly to Colorado today.

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  1. There is no rule against wearing pants…. even to Sacrament meeting (gasp, did she really say that?!?)

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen the Colin Firth version of P&P. You will LOVE it. He is dang hot! It is really hard to watch him in “Nanny McPhee”, because he almost isn’t the same person.

  2. Ooh! Yes, share the recipe for Breakfast Mess. That sounds like one I could do very well.

    As for Etsy, yes, all the above would be wonderful!

    I love that P&P. Happy watching.

    Sending out a prayer for your friend. It’s so hard when you can’t be with someone to comfort them and you really want to.

  3. We’ve been watching the Masterpiece Jane Austen movie that airs every Sunday. Tomorrow is the finale for Pride & Prejudice! Can’t wait! (but would you hate me if I said I like the Mr Darcy in the new version better?)

    I am a huge fan or your art so I would love to see an entire Etsy show full of paintings.

  4. Without a doubt, Lemon is the BEST flavor ever! Costco right now has a lemoncello cake made by The Cheesecake Factory. You must be a lemon fan to try it for it can make you pucker, however, very worth the extra calories!


  5. I would love to see some paintings… I’m always looking for something for kids rooms… especially my boys. They are a little older and not into the cute animals or dinosaurs any more… can you do a Death Star with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker battling it out with their light sabers? 😉

  6. I have been watching Masterpiece Theatre as well Jessica! Good choice Tracy; you are going to love this!

    I am looking for a full length vintage-style apron, I found a few on Etsy that came close to what I am looking for (I will draw a picture and email it to you). Almost June Cleaverish, but slightly more hip. I would love to buy a matching one for my girls too. P.S. I love purple!

    I am also really wanting some fun hair scarfs. I cannot wear head bands because they hurt! I suppose my head/skull is too big. Fabrics with fun patterns/colors and a little stretch would be a bonus.

    Just ideas girlfriend. I will get thinking about art as well.

  7. How about some scripture covers for etsy! They are hard to come by if you aren’t near Deseret Book. Special YW coloured versions would be neat.

    I say people should get over the “dress code” thing! I used to live in a fabulously diverse ward. The missionaries met a woman who thought of herself as Tina Turner. She showed up at church for the first time (ok, forgot to add…70 year old Black woman) dressed in fishnet stockings, gold lame hot pants, gold spike heels, a white hip length fur coat, and the most pimpin’ sunglasses I have ever seen. She walked in 10 minutes late, just as announcements were getting wrapped up. She marched herself up to the front row (the only empty one) and sat right down. She had her head held high the whole way. She was eventually baptized, and she toned down her dress a bit, but she kept wearing those shoes and that coat and the sunglasses. I am not saying I will wear that outfit for my next women’s day, but at least I am aware of some interesting options.

  8. Don’t hate me, but I like the Keira Knightley’s version of P&P. Blasphemy, I know.

    I think you should sell everything, anything that enters into your creative little head. Everything you do rocks.

  9. The Keira Knightley version is blasphemous. Blashpemous, I tell you. MANY plain and precious truths have been removed.

    I will buy scripture totes, my noise is so stuffed that a lemon might be the only thing that has any flavor, and I’ve worn pants to church before too. Just once – culotts (Sp?)

  10. I’d love a painting with some sort of cute family saying on it… Of course “cute” is a relative term, since sayings like “raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens” are the sort of things I think are “cute”… Can’t wait to see your stuff!

  11. Oh! My! You will LOVE Pride and Prejudice. The best way to watch it is from beginning to end with no interruptions…well, except to replenish the snacks and a couple of potty breaks. The casting in this version is more than spectacular. Definitely one of my All Time Favorites.

    I enjoy your blog. I love your “tell it like it is” attitude. You go girl!

  12. Jennifer Ehle is WAY too old to play Elizabeth, and sorry, there is just not the same chemistry that there is between Keira and her Mr. Darcy (dang, I’ve forgotten his name for a second–Oh wait! Matthew McFadden. Swoon, swoon….). And Judi Dench ROCKS as Lady Catherine, and the guy who plays Collins is, as he should be, ridiculous. Donald Sutherland and Bonnie whatshername are also hilarious as the Bennets. And you don’t have to spend all day watching it, either. AND it has a better soundtrack.

    *ducking head as people throw things at me*

  13. Heather, Wiz, to your separte corners, now!

    Ok, I just moved BOTH versions to the top of my queue, and I’ll get them BOTH on Wednesday. I’ll watch them both, and then I will start throwing things!

    Thanks, Lynette, for being so kind!

  14. Colin Firth, sigh…… Nobody does it better than Colin!!!!
    I must admit that Donald Sutherland definitaly played a better dad, but the mom is so funny to me in the A&E version. And while I liked Judi Dench as Lady Catherine, I don’t think they gave her enough screen time. Over all though A&E’s version ROCKS!
    Oh and I second, third, what ever the scripture totes, or church totes for that matter.

  15. I like diaper bags, but they’re one of the few things that’ve been on my mind a lot lately.

    Lemon is the best flavor ever. My husband doesn’t agree, which is fine with me, because that way I get to eat all the really lemony stuff. Strawberry is a close second though. I think strawberry makes the best ice-cream. Strawberry lemonade is possibly my absolute favorite drink in the world. My biggest problem with lemons is that I don’t have any really good lemon dessert recipes yet. My lemon bars never turn out quite right.

  16. We love lemon in our house, though I’m pretty partial to grape. Grape doesn’t translate well to baked goods though, so I suppose it’s a moot point.
    Breakfast mess was yum.
    Keira Knightley in P&P bugs the ever lovin crap out of me! I think she ruins the whole thing. And I’m not exagerrating either….
    Wiz, you wore culottes?! I suddenly have less respect for you

  17. I wore culottes when I was a kid. With boots. I rocked them.

    I like grape too, but only in Alexander the Grape candy. Like Lemonheads, you know?

    So it looks like scripture totes are kind of at the top of everyone’s list. I may have to reverse engineer one- a few questions:

    Does it have to zip? Do you want ones that open with the scriptures or that you slide them in and out of? Pockets? Hmmm….

  18. I wore gauchos and skirts for my entire 4th grade year because I refused to wear bell bottom style pants.

    I bet you did rock in those culottes Tracy!

  19. I love the actors in the Kiera Knightly version, well, except for Kiera Knightly. 😀 Judy Dench ROCKS and I love Donald Sutherland as the father. I felt like in his version I could see that he loved Mrs. Bennett, but in the A&E version I got the feeling he just tolerated the woman. I didn’t think I would really like Matthew McFadden at first as Darcy, but by the end of the two hours I was totally swooning.

  20. I like the A&E version because it is so faithful to the book, and I’m a fan of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. But I also like the Keira Knightley version. I was prepared not to like it, but it’s so beautifully shot, and it’s got kind of a sexier, more romantical feel to it. It’s a nice P&P fix when you don’t have a spare 5 hours to watch the A&E version. I also agree with Heather about Jane–the newer version’s Jane is much lovelier. And I love, love, love the soundtrack for the new one!

  21. Ha. I’m laughing at the P&P throwdown. I’m not usually a big Keira Knightley fan and I was prepared to hate it, but I admit it was well done. And that the Jane in the old version looks an awful lot like a horse.

    …but no one, NO ONE, plays Mr. Darcy better than Colin Firth. It’s impossible. Also, Jennifer Ehle was a little old for the role, but she’s still awesome as Elizabeth.

    But both versions are worthwhile. I say watch both in one sitting. Indulge.

  22. Ohhh you will LOVE Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. It is absolutely delicious! I never really “got” Jane Austen (*gasp* I know) until I saw P&P with him.

  23. Don’t underestimate how much a phone call can mean to your friend. I have been going through a lot of health problems myself and phone calls mean the world to me. Some people have stopped calling as much because they don’t know what to say or they can’t really help. At times, it leaves me feeling alone. When people call me and say “I was just thinking about you, how are you”, it means the world to me. Many times, they are in tune with the spirit and call me at the time I need it the most. I have had some of my friends tell me “I thought of calling you on ____ day, but got busy” It never fails that I was having a bad day that day and could have used the call. Listen to the spirit and God will tell you how to help your friend out despite the distance.

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