Target, My Cruel Love

It’s been so long, and yet it was so bittersweet. The carts were calling out to me in joy, as I walked, alone, through the silently swinging red doors. The smell of popcorn greeted me like an old friend, and yet- no children clamored and whined, and I was free- Free to ignore the popcorn and soda deal, free to walk by, gliding my happy cart loaded with only my purse and my dreams.

The dollar bins, shining like bright little made-in-China gems enticed me forward. Oh, this is so cute- and this- so pretty- and wouldn’t Abby love those little cheap gloves? Only a dollar, you know… *Sigh* Meandering along the bins, idly dragging my fingertips over tidbits and trinkets, wondering what I couldn’t live without- I really do need this battery-powered green metallic necklace to show my honorary Irish spirit next month. A Chewbacca white erase board and some pink bunny ears clamored to join my cart of joy. Correction- my silent cart of joy.

The swimsuits did give a little mocking giggle as we, my cart and I, glided by on our way to the make-up and body products. Laugh it up ladies, today, nothing will spoil my reverie. Overhead, the cardboard bunnies and chicks, proclaiming springs arrival, twirled and chided the dinky little swimsuits- can’t you see, she’s alone- the kids are missing- leave her be!

The cart drew my floating feet further into the store, leaving behind the popcorn and pizza smells for the yummy scents of grapefruit and apricot and pretty pink packages. Oh, how I’ve missed being a consumer- how much fun, how delightful to while away an hour or two delighting in new scents, colors, seasons and textures.

The seasonal aisles towards the back gasped as I rounded the corner- how long since they had seen me- how much I had missed them. How much I needed to see the latest in garden ornaments- the lovely vases filled with acrylic water and calla lilies, the hydrangea wreaths that are so perfect for my home, the topiary- oh, the topiary…. green things that were impervious to my brown thumbs; I ached it was so lovely.

My little red cart, full of imaginations and lovely dreams, rounded the corner towards home. Look, the magic continues- there are no lines! There is a lovely young red-shirted girl, waiting to invite me to her line- eager to ring up my dreams and wish me a happy day.

I smile at her, nodding hello, and glide right by, my cart finding it’s home back in the coral with all it’s friends. You see, one doesn’t have to pay to leave Target when ones cart is only full of dreams.

Unemployment sucks.

12 thoughts on “Target, My Cruel Love

  1. You absolutely captured the Target experience. And, I was there yesterday, and am having guilty feelings admitting I bought those bunny ears!

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a smell that you could associate with your blog site? Mine would be a light Lemony-Citrus fragrance, with a hint of ocean breeze.

  2. Unemployment does suck. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with it for much longer.
    I like jen’s idea of having a smell associated with your blog. I think mine would be orange blossoms. Such a lovely and amazing smell!

  3. Oh, sad! That does really suck.

    I love going to Target, even if I can’t buy anything. It’s still such a fun place to go. Pretty things to look at and dream about.

    I want my blog to smell! 😀

  4. What an awesome post…what joy to be child-free and what sadness not to purchase .. ~sigh~ …I’m with you on unemployment…it’s the same when your hubby is in grad school!

  5. Yes it does. I’ve been there.

    But oh – how I loved walking around Target and thinking of all the wonderful things I wanted to buy and dream of putting together. Sigh…

    Hugs to your Tracy!

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