Fun and Games

I’m losing it. All this focus on faith and finding a new job has got my blog chops in a knot. This morning, I had the perfect opportunity for a hilarious picture and post, and I didn’t even think of it until it was all cleaned up. *hanging my head in shame*

While I was upstairs showering, thinking Noggin had it’s iron claws in Abby’s noodle, Abby was instead…. exploring! We have a closet in the entry with all our games, puzzles and things with bazillions of pieces. Ah ha! Mama is not looking, I think I will go and dump everything out!! She was quiet, that’s all I can say.

When I came downstairs, carefully piled up in our entry way, I found the boxes (empty) contents (scattered), cards (all mixed together), game pieces (missing many), boards, dice and tiny chokable things for: Sorry, Candyland, Mousetrap, Lightbright, Tonka Memory, Omnicolor, Apples to Apples, and Cranium Cadoo. How she did all that, in ten small minutes, and kept quiet, I will never know. I still can’t find the playdough for Cadoo- maybe she ate it? It was a pretty purple color, after all.

Good-Mail and Good Friends

You have been spoiling me lately. Is it because of all my whining? I know I didn’t do anything to deserve it, but I have been sent so much love in the mail lately, it’s unreal.

It started with TftCarrie, sending me a care package with her (yes, hers!) book for kids, accompanied by some lovely treats for me, including lip glosses, a candle and some handmade hair-clips for Abby. I was very touched at her thoughtfulness.

Then came the box from Em– such a wonderful surprise- I took a picture, but my camera and I are fighting right now, so I can’t post it- but trust me, it was a big box full of fabric, ribbon, yummy treats, a vintage movie (I looooove old movies), some sparkly things for my kitchen and well, you could just feel the good vibes coming off everything. The fabric will be making an appearance in the Etsy store, transformed into a bag or three, someday soon.

Today, yet another ring at the door, and another box- this one from Jen at Mythbuster Beauty, and it was a treasure trove of beauty supplies- including a brow kit, eyeliner and mascara from Urban Decay- I ought to have the prettiest eyeballs this side of the Rocky Mountains! Plus, she sent a ton of samples of skin-care products, creams and lotions. Fun stuff.

There isn’t even a way to count the e-mails, messages, good will and prayers sent. A group of friends at another blog organized a fast on our behalf, and so many others find ways of letting us know their love.

The amazing thing is, I’ve never met any of these wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and generous friends in real life. Not a one. But I tell you what, these people are as real to me as my own family. I love them, and thank the Lord for the tender mercies He is pouring out on our family right now, in the form of people we don’t even know. You are, indeed, real friends.

A Caucusing We Go…

I’m a delegate! Yessiree, little ol’ me is officially a delegate from my county to the State of Washington. Who knew? A few days ago, I didn’t know what a caucus was- growing up in California, where they don’t have caucuses, but a general ballot for the primary, I had no firsthand knowledge of what it meant to caucus.

Well, I’ll tell you: It’s representative government in action. Just like a ballot election, you have a precinct, and you attend the caucus for your precinct. The junior high near our house was the caucus location for this district, and each precinct had an assigned room. When you entered, you checked your precinct, found your room, and signed in. Then, you met with your precinct. There were round tables, and we all discussed who we were voting for and why. It was very civil. A tally was taken of who was supporting whom, and then each party was allotted two one-minute speeches for each side, in order to sway any fence sitters. Then, a second tally was taken. You could change your vote, and one man actually did. A second tally was taken, and the delegates were divvied up. We signed a ballot with our choices, and four of us were chosen to move forward to the district and state level and pick delegates for our candidate.

Because I opened my mouth, I got chosen as a delegate, and in a few weeks, I get to go do something exciting and political!

It was very interesting, and very hands-on. It felt much, much more involved and personal than just casting a paper ballot. And this process was going on in thousands of precincts all over the state. Fascinating.

Blue! I Need Blue!

Just for fun, you can check out some ways to play with your make-up at Mythbuster Beauty– (the site is run by the fabulous Jen, and Mo Mommy contrubutes each Wednesday)  I took up their challenge and used blue, (yes, blue!) eyecolor… and, miracle of miracles, I don’t look like Mimi! It’s kind of fun- and right now, with all the winter doldrums, fun is what we need!

Oh, and that’s my eyeball at the bottom.

Kindness of Others


One of the benefits of DH being home all the time is the increase in my nap-frequency. This afternoon, weary and tired from the week, I crashed out on the couch for an hour. Nevermind it’s only Wednesday.  Nevermind the show on the Bermuda Triangle that helped make my dreams very strange- It’s just a bad idea to sleep with the Discovery Channel.

So while I was sleeping, a friend stopped by and left a lover-ly plate of homemade, frosted, glittered heart cookies, and the sweetest note. She praised my kindness, my creativity, my mothering and my friendship- and while I feel positively unworthy of some such praise, at the same time I’m so touched and humbled by all the people reaching out to me- it just boggles my mind and makes my heart swell.

I thought you ought to know.

Catching Up

Family is safely on the airplane home, and life slowly returns to natural rhythms around here.

As I look out my window, the snow is swirling down in giant fluffy clumps, and I find myself wanting to strangle a certain groundhog. In six winters here in the northwest, I have not seen anything like the snow we’ve gotten this year. It’s insane, and it just keeps coming. In about 20 minutes, I have to leave and run carpool in this white guck, and I’m getting mighty weary of the whole mess. Six more weeks…grumble grumble grumble.

Did you vote today? Are you in a Super Tuesday state? Not here for us, but next week. I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you get out and do it!

Thanks to family, our cupboards are stocked and the fridge is full.

I was so surprised and excited by the call of President Uchtdorff to the Presidency! I’m glad President Monson kept President Eyering, but the Uchtdorff call was such a nice surprise- I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of fun he brings to the party.

I’m knitting some socks to put on Etsy… and some other things too. And, trying to figure out how to put up an Etsy window in my sidebar.

DH is hanging in here- it’s stressful and difficult, but we’re sticking together and I find myself loving him all the more for how hard he is trying to make this work. We have a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak, and I still feel certain that we are going to come out fine. I can’t see how, and I can’t see when, but I know it’s true.

We can feel the prayers and good will coming our way. Thank you all, the ones I know, and the lurkers who seldom comment- you are appreciated here at Dandelion Mama.