Hair Challenge, Day One


Ok, David took the top picture last night, and we laughed at how I look like Hagrid. In my defense, I brushed the crap out of it, since this is the last time I get to brush for three weeks. Yes, it really is that big, no I didn’t tease it. At all. Now you know why it’s always up.

Bottom picture is this morning, following Jen’s rules for curly hair. Sorry it’s so dark, but I took that one myself… I washed it with conditioner, and didn’t touch it until it was completely dry. Unfortunately, “dry” took almost four hours. Let’s hope my time improves as the three weeks go by!

File this under “I can’t believe I’m sharing this nightmare with the world”.

28 thoughts on “Hair Challenge, Day One

  1. Lovin’ it, but I am thinking you are going to need colored contacts because your eyes are looking really dark!

  2. Such a gorgeous color! And I LOVE the curls in the second picture.

    I had a friend in HS who had hair very similar to yours and she hated it, but she fell in love with it during college. Straight, flat haired me had serious hair envy even in HS. Then I fell in love with my own hair. It’s fun to love what you’ve got.

  3. I know! It’s totally insane. No one should have that much hair growing out of one head- I mean, how on EARTH does that happen?? What a freak!

    I get kinda hot in the summer.

    By the way, it doesn’t usually look as monstrous as the first picture- it was just so fluffy because I brushed it- that’s what happens when you brush curly hair.

    Now y’all understand The Knot.

  4. Forgive me in my fine, stringy, straight haired ignorance, but why would your drying time get better after the 3 weeks? Do you get to start using a blow dryer with a diffuser or something?

  5. Jen said she’s sending me a diffuser sock, whatever that is!
    I dunno, I was kinda thinking that as I got better at doing all the rigamarole I’m supposed to do, magic would happen… I just don’t want to have wet hair for four hours everyday!

    Oh, for just a day with fine, straight hair…*sigh*

  6. Tracy,

    I also have A TON of hair, and started having it “thinned out” when I get my hair cut. (every other cut) The second picture looks great! Good Luck!

  7. OH man, I had someone take thinning shears to my hair once. Bad BAD BAD thing, those little beasties. Just imagine, all that hair, with another layer that is shorter poking out in a giant HALO all around. Yeah. It was evil.

    My hair circumnavigated my entire head.

  8. I think that might be the hair cutter, not the scissors themselves. 🙂

    That Nick guy on What Not to Wear can do anything. He’s a genius. So start wearing huge neon overalls or something. Then we’ll all nominate you for the show.

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  10. Wow. I have thick hair (had thick hair, blasted children who created all those hormones that made my hair fall out in droves and so it is no longer the fullness it used to be), but absolutely nothing even close to this.

    Those with super-thin-“I’m-almost-bald” hair would see your hair as a blessing, but holy smokes, tracy, for sure it is not! Good luck with the hair challenge. I hope it’s a success!

  11. You’re looking great! My hair is thick too and it takes that long to dry as well…I feel your pain. Your second pic is awesome! Love that you’re embracing your curls!

  12. I just got a note from Jess (founder of Jessicurl) about the hair drama going on here.

    “…some people (like myself) do need to use a hair dryer or our hair would always be wet. 🙂 With a diffuser it doesn’t make it totally frizzy, and using the MF towel first helps to get much of the water out so it doesn’t have to be used for too long. Let me know if you have any other questions and have a great day. :)”

    Isn’t Jess too cool?!

  13. Once you get the hang of it, a diffuser is a curly girls best friend, really.

    The curls look GREAT, nice and shiny and healthy (and the before DOES look like Hagrid!! Good one!)…. it will be great. People would KILL for your hair….

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