Happy Green Day


Or, as it’s NOT know at my son’s school, St Patrick’s Day. Are we so afraid of anything remotely religious now that St Patrick has been demoted to just being Green? Yowza. BillyJoe would be pleased.

14 thoughts on “Happy Green Day

  1. Green day, eh? Well, that seems kind of wrong… if they are going to have a “green day” don’t you think they should have a day for each of the other colors? Doesn’t seem really fair, now does it?? 🙂

  2. That is so bizarre! Are we not celebrating St. Patrick? And anyway, I thought “green day” was April 22nd…

  3. You’re kidding, “green day”? Oh my word…I totally forgot it was St. Patty’s day but I’m still wearing my greenest shirt. Lucky me!

  4. That is so odd, and very very sad! One of the greatest things that happened when we moved here is we got all of our school holidays back. And it feels more like my kids have a chance to be kids!

  5. I’m ridiculously biased. St. Patrick’s Day is my half-birthday and my favorite day of the year. Green day, indeed! Maybe they could call it “Mr. Patrick’s Day.” Or “Irish History Day.” What is the world coming to?

    (BTW, a real Green Day is when you take a new missionary and feed ’em an entire meal of green food. Very fun.)

  6. Well, technically the Irish Catholics were supposed to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 15th this year (because of the Holy Week), but that’s probably not why the school changed it to Green Day. Very lame. They couldn’t just call it Irish Day, or No-Snakes Day? Leprechaun Day? Green Day just doesn’t seem very festive.

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