All this week I’m working on a mural in a friend’s wine-cellar. Well, it was a wine cellar when they bought the house, now it’s a play-cave for her children. It’s cool because it’s behind two doors in her basement, and the last doorway is pointed at the top, like the Arabian nights. Soooooo….

My theme for the mural is The Desert. I’ve painted the walls like an old stone building, and the sun setting outside the windows. You can see silhouettes of palm trees, and the pyramids are in the distance. I found a diagram of how the stars look in the sky in that area of the world, and am painting the constellations in the sky. She’s going to have cushions made in deep purples and blues and it’s going to be soooo cool.

There will be pictures when I’m done- for now, I gotta run- day three, and I’m most of the way almost past halfway.

4 thoughts on “Muraling

  1. TWO doors?!
    That means they can make all the noise they want and you’d never be bothered in the slightest. Sign me up for a wine cellar!!
    Can’t wait to see it!

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