It’s 1:22 in the morning. My kids will be up in about four hours, and I cannot invite the sandman to take me away to save my life. Damn Excedrin. It kills the headache, but kills the sleep too.

Between the lady who got stuck on her toilet seat for two years (how? really?) and the lady that went in for a leg operation and instead received a new, um, keister, the world is just really disturbing my rem-cycles.

The mural is coming along nicely- it’s been ages since I painted a mural, and I forgot a) how much fun it is, b) how much work it is, c) how much my shoulders ache when the day is over, d) that I can actually paint left-handed and e) how my thoughts mess with  my sanity when I’m alone for that long. Not a good thing. Today I resorted to a radio masking-taped to the wall, tuned to NPR, just so The Committee in my head would leave me alone. Blogging really does keep me sane- it’s like sweeping out each day- making room for things not-Neurotic or not-Crazy.

Oh, and can I just say, the Saturday Night Live ladies really did nail the whole NPR voice. Pete Schweaty. *snerkle*

Something is wrong with our car. Of course something is wrong with our car- why not now? Eleven weeks of no job is the perfect time for the car to pee anti-freeze all over the garage floor. Do you know anti-freeze does not evaporate? Yes, it’s true. It just stays. And stays. And never goes away. Weird.

The next two weeks are going to be insane. I have so much to do- I’m not complaining, but I’m not very organized, either. I think I need a clip-board- or something. Several of you have contacted me about paintings, I got a pattern order from a new store, I have to finish the mural, I have two quilting guilt guild meetings, one of which I am the president of, and I’m supposed to make 78 bookmarks, each unique of course, for our Relief Society birthday dinner next week. Hmmmm. Human cloning is still out of the question, right? But don’t you think that would be a good idea? No? Hrummmph.

Oh yeah, I have three kids, carpool, preschool, and a husband who’s looking for work. Cripes.

(those of you waiting on paintings- rest assured, that is the stuff I want to do- the rest? Eh, not so much- but painting? I love me some paints…)

It freakin’ snowed here tonight! Can you believe the audacity?! It’s two days till spring. Grrrrrr. It better be gone by morning. You know why it snowed, don’t you? It’s because I went and packed up the snow boots TODAY. Yes. I did. And that is why it snowed.

When I picked Bean up at school on Tuesday, his teachers pulled me aside. Oh no. When they both want to talk to me, I know he had a bad day. What now? Oh, he punched Daisy? Little, tiny, sweet Daisy? *sigh* And then he ran away when you tried to put him on timeout? And he threw rocks at you? Yes, yes, I understand. Come on Bean, let’s go home… *sigh*

Even my glass of ice-water, sitting here tinkling beside my keyboard as I type, is giving me indigestion. Wynken, Blynken and Nod, went for a ride… oh mister sandman, send me a dream- make him the sweetest, that i’ve ever seen, make him like to do dishes and guess all my wishes… oh… mister… sand… man… now it’s 2:04

16 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. You now make me wonder if I need to ask about snow when we head down to SLC tomorrow when I get out of school. UGH!!! I was so hoping for nice weather- but it’s snowing here too. 😦

    Hope you can get a nap in today… maybe you got back to sleep?

  2. the toilet seat lady freaks me out. How indeed.

    (If you were her boyfriend, why would you even put up with that? Yikes! 2 YEARS. OH MY GOSH)

    See I went through this earlier this afternoon, and now you brought it up again and I am going through it again. The questions! They just don’t stop coming! I don’t think I even want to know about the other one.

    Which is worse–not being able to fall asleep initially, or sleeping for like, an hour and then not getting back to sleep? I’m experimenting with the latter and so far I am not amused.


  3. This is awesome! Love the sleep deprived posts. Hope Mr. Sandman found you at least an hour before you needed to get up again 🙂

    The lady on the toilet thing, though, that does boggle the mind!

  4. I don’t think cloning is a bad idea as long as she stays in the closet when she’s not being my third and fourth (and fifth and sixth?) mom hands.

    The sure thing that always puts me to sleep: playing the little electronic 20 questions game. I get in the bed and turn out the lights and snuggle under the blankets. It gets me to focus on something simple like spinach or my pillow for about five minutes or so, and I usually crash before the little man inside the game gets the answer right. How does he always know?

  5. BTW—the last time my car barfed anti freeze—it was our water pump. Not too pricey to replace…if you have to replace something. dunno if that’s what your car’s doing….
    Sorry for the insomnia…I hate that.

  6. At least it’s pain free insomnia… ?
    78 bookmarks? Really? And each one has to be unique??? Why?!?
    As for the quilt guild meetings… don’t go. Even if you are the president of one… if you don’t have the time, then bag it!
    Good, Better, Best…

  7. This is more of a random comment, but I just wanted to say that I love your painting and I think you are super talented. Wow. Amazing. I want to buy something- or commission you to do something for me. But I know you’re busy right now, so I’ll try and wait. 🙂 I also love reading your blog posts. Your genuineness is evident and just reading them makes me feel as though I am reading a letter from an old friend.

    I have heard about the toilet lady, but I keep pushing her out of my mind everytime she tries to sneak in. Honestly, I quit reading the news altogether last winter because these tragic stories involving senseless crimes and children and families were not only keeping me up at night, but cluttering my mind and bringing me down and I couldn’t seem to remember a dang thing! I am happier for it now and my memory is improving! Anyway… I hope you have a good day and am thinking good thoughts for you and your family. And remembering you in my prayers.

    (P.S. I actually replaced a water pump in my car by myself once. It was not rocket science. And it was much cheaper when I didn’t have to pay for labor as well as parts…)

  8. “Good times.” In a sleepy NPR voice.

    Wow, you have a lot going on! I hope you can do more of the things you want to do after you’ve finished some of the things you have to do. I can’t wait to see pic of the mural when it’s finished!!

  9. @ Mel- the snow is all melted now, at almost 9- but I have no idea what the deal is in SLC. Good luck!

    @tobymine- I know! WHY WHY WHY?

    @2x- Yeah, my filter is substantially porous in the middle of the night, and I never know what I might say. It’s kinda like being a little (more) insane.

    @Em- I know! I took the Excedrin at 2 o’clock! And still…!

    @glitters- The thing is, I’m pretty clever, so how would I keep the clones in the closet? If someone shoved me in a closet and told me to stay there, I would bust the door down- so how do I lock my clones up?

    @Lammy- Oh, I so hope you’re right!

    @Melissa- Each one has the name of a woman in the ward, and four things special about just her. Yeah. I said “yes”… * shaking head*

    @heyngrl101- thank you! Everyone loves to be told how genius they are… And it makes me happy that you feel like you’re reading letters from an old friend. I think my talents stop when it comes to auto parts, so kudos to you for pulling that off!

    @HSF- you like Schweaty balls? hehehe! It seems wrong to even type that!

  10. You are so funny at early am hours. Sorry about the insomnia, but it makes a great read.

    That is too funny about snowing on the day you put away the boots. Sounds like something I have done. I want to pack away the winter clothes, but will wait a few more weeks because Utah always gets a freak early April snowstorm.

    What is that saying about March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” Although, I think it really should be, “In like a lion, and out like a lion.”
    Tell Bean that Daisy probably deserved it (just kidding).

  11. Busy is better than not busy. But SUPER busy is kind of bad. How’s that? At least you have David home so you can do all that stuff.

    Also, I too cannot stop thinking about the toliet seat lady. It wigs me out so bad. SO BAD. TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

    Get some sleep if you can. It makes all things better. I too have a headache. I’ll skip the excedrin, though.

  12. So…I just had the same experience two nights ago with excedrin (at least the insomnia part)…except it wasn’t nearly as entertaining to have it happening to me…it was much more fun to read about yours! 🙂

  13. Oh, and if I may add some things to your list, you should take pictures of your commissioned paintings when they are done, and add them to Etsy as a ‘sold item’ Either have them pay you through Etsy, or I will pay you a penny for them, or whatever. It’ll let more people see what you can do, hopefully leading to more commissions, and it will increase your Etsy “street cred” to borrow a phrase from Hollywood.

    Plus, then I get to see them. 🙂

  14. I was up at two. Should’ve checked online. Except there’s no computer in the bathroom where I was vomiting my guts out.
    I didn’t believe Curious when he told me it was snowing. And then it started to accumulate!
    I know a few people who are handy with cars in our old ward. Ask around your ward and you find nothing then I’ll ask around for ya.
    Wiz is brilliant.

  15. If there is one thing you could do to make your life easier, it would be to buy a bunch of RS Theme bookmarks and call it done.

    Just an idea.

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