Hair Challenge, End of Week 1


You know, once upon a time, I actually had “boingers” or ringlets- now, I think the years of trying to straighten it out have come home to roost, because even after a week of following The Rules, I’m still just getting deep waves. No “boingers”. Never thought the words would leave my mouth, but I kind of miss the boing-y curls. I mean, if you have to suffer curly hair, shouldn’t it at least Boing? I wonder if it has to do, a little bit,  with how long it is? Or maybe that I really need a good haircut?

Jen at Mythbuster Beauty was awesome enough to send me some wonderful hair products that I positively adore- they leave your hair soft instead of crunchy. Check out the Jessicurl website if you have waves or curls. I’m totally sold. Or at least, I will be when we have cash again!

Wow, it really looks stripe-y colored in the picture! Huh.

16 thoughts on “Hair Challenge, End of Week 1

  1. It’s a struggle. I don’t like my hair in my face, hence The Knot. I can’t cut it short, because, as you might imagine, without the weight of length, those waves spring up like little poodle corkscews- it’s not cute.

    I have to leave it down and not touch it while it dries- part of The Rules.

    Once it’s dry, I can pin it up.

  2. You are being such a trooper and your hair looks great! I bet it has been difficult to keep it down so long, especially with all of your work with the mural this week.

    Jessicurl is a fantastic line and look at her list of ingredients; you can pronounce and recognize them all! I also love their Island Fantasy scent. Not only is Jessicurl great, Jess is great and we have become good friends. How many people can say about the person who created their hair products?

    Keep up the great work and your boinginess will start to return as your hair becomes healthier!

  3. As someone with stringy-straight hair, I can only imagine having the waves, let alone the boings!
    But if I had money I’d buy you a perfect haircut, just because.

  4. I thought it looked nice the other day and meant to ask how you were liking your new routine so far.
    I think it looks good!

  5. You are so brave. When I had long hair I couldn’t stand it being down for 2 seconds, let alone waiting for it to dry and THEN putting it up. Ahhh!

  6. My daughter, McCall, has the boingers. I was so excited when she was little and that first little ringlet curl appeared. I was so afraid that it would be the only one she grew. But now she has a head full of them, and they are gorgeous. She can let her hair dry naturally, or straighten it out with a chi iron. She has the absolute best of both worlds!

    I think any new growth in your hair will have the boings, and getting a good cut will help too.

  7. Hi. Came to you from Julie and Cheryl, some friends of mine. We share the same hair. It is frustrating. Right now I am starting to look like Bon Jovi circa 1988 again, so I need to do something…fast. I did learn a tip the other day that seams to work well for frizzy curls. If you take small sections while your hair is wet and twist is around your finger (like you would if you were really nervous) and then let it go to air dry, it dries into a pretty nice boingy curl and tends to not frizz too much. The guy on “What Not to Wear” does it with his curly hair folks and I thought I would try it. It works pretty well and keeps me from being too poofy curly.

  8. If your hair has grown and the layers left longer, the hope in getting booing curls becomes less and less. There are ways to achieve that look but with the weight of hair that you have, it needs to be de-bulked, not with thinning shears or a razor but with notching shears. Also, as we mature or if you had kids, that will change your hair texture as well.

    Waiting a week to shampoo or no-poo your hair is too long and allows the natural oils and applied products to eventually weigh down your hair.

    The people at Jessie Curl are against silicones for no unfounded reason. They state that they dry out your hair and builds up … not true. Sabino Hair Solutions has a product called Moisture Block. It holds up in any climate not matter how dry, cold, rainy or humid. If you put Moisture Block into your hair and then add their Curls for Curly Hair over it, your hair will be light, bouncy and not frizz at all. Add the Jessie Curl products but style with Sabino’s products. Watch these videos:

    And go to this website to learn more: http://www,

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  10. (followed you here from Mommywars) My curls change with every kid and hair length makes a big difference too. Right now I have boingers that my daughter loves to tug on. It is fully layered and only goes to my chin (when curly) so it has a lot of freedom to boing.

    Your hair looks so healthy and thick. I’m jealous. I have very thin hair and it has a wirey straw texture.

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