Stuff I Like

If your are of any manner of European heritage, I dare you, no! I double-dog dare you! to just SEE yourself in this awesome blog: Stuff White People Like. 

I haven’t laughed so hard in a loooong time. Hat tip- HSF.

7 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. That blog has definitely become one of my guilty pleasures of late! (I wonder if that’s going to make the list soon? Blogging?!). 🙂

  2. Yes, blogging is going to make the list no doubt!

    Hilarious! Thanks for pointing this out. Evan and I are both huge fans of #25, we adore David Sedaris (and Amy as well). Loving NPR is probably on this list, and I nominate their adding Al Franken and Paula Poundstone.

  3. I don’t shop at whole foods, drink coffee, want/own a Mac, or listen to npr. Given this list I’m clearly not white.
    *curls up in ball in the corner*
    I’m just so confused……..

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