Well, Then

Sigh. It’s been a rough week. What’s that you say? It’s only Wednesday? *SIGH*

We are caught in a schizophrenic weather patter here in the great green northwest- It snowed, yes SNOWED on Friday- then Saturday was bright and sunny and lovely enough for an Easter Egg hunt- which of course we did not make, since my poor children’s mother cannot find their Easter baskets. Sunday was cold. Monday it hailed. Right now, I’m looking over the top of my monitor, and the sun is shining and glowing all over the crocus along the fence- the same crocus that were covered with SNOW three hours ago. How, tell me, does one dress for this crap?

Bean got sent home from Pre-School yesterday. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Remember the car breaking down? Yeah. Well, it’s fixed- and we’re $900 poorer. Cause that’s what we need right now- unexpected bills! Hooray! No job, no insurance, mechanic bills! Hooray! At least the car works now.

Abby had outgrown positively everything in her closet- as the weather changes and I have to dig out things for warmer days- oh! Nope! It’s snowing again! Well, as I was saying, in five minutes, when it’s sunny and warm again, the girl needs some things to wear. Off to the consignment store, basket of old, small, cute stuff in hand, in search of new, slightly bigger, hopefully still-cute stuff.

I’m on the warpath. This house will be clean or else! Else what? I have no idea. But I have to try.

David read a study yesterday that said the in the most successful marriages, the woman is more attractive than the man. Divorce rates are higher when the man is better looking. What’s up with that? And who decides? He says we’re destined to be married forever. Whatever, buddy. You still have to pick up your dirty clothes.

I have a new Visiting Teaching route and companion. I figure, when you add up us and the ladies we visit, there are 20 kids, four husbands and a dog between us. I dare you try and find a time when all of us are available. Yeah. We’re splitting it up this month.

The boys have been playing musical-beds. I never know who’ll be in what bed when I go to kiss them at night. Or which end their heads will be, for that matter. Last night I kissed Bean’s toes, thinking I was getting Jeff’s cheek.

Parent-Teacher conferences are this week. That’s all I’m saying about that. Well, that and my son evidently prefers chatting it up with his neighbors over listening the teacher. Or doing headstand, or walking like a robot, or sticking his pencil in his ear- all of those things win out over Teacher. Can you blame the kid?

Laundry Mountain beckons- I’m off like a herd of turtles. My grandma used to say that. I have no idea what it means, but it makes me feel good to say things she used to say.

16 thoughts on “Well, Then

  1. I just heard about that study on the news. The part that got my attention that if the man is less attractive, they have to work harder to please the more atractive woman. Work harder how, not sure. Whatever…there are always “studies” being done out there for everything under the sun. Give it a few months and there will be another study done to debunk that one!

    I hear you with the crazy weather, I left the crazy weather of TX (sun, rain, snow, more sun, flash flood warnings, and sunburn weather) and cane to WA….hmmm, maybe I brought it with me!

  2. Mechanic bills. Joyous. I am already freaking out about two mortgages coming up. Like, BAD.

    I’m sure I’m MUCH hotter than my husband. :eyeroll:

    He still has to clean up, too.

  3. You know… there are people who get paid to do these studies… why can’t I be one of them?? I can think of totally random things and then ask for money to study it out…

  4. I am so with Melissa on this one! I would love to study why men leave their clothes in odd places in the house and why children insist that ten minutes after I say no, my answer will change. As for this particular survery, I am way screwed!

    Parent/Teacher conferences never seem to go the way I expect. I fear them now almost as much as I did as a kid.

    As for mechanic bills, I am dreading them now that my most trusted and inexpensive mechanic, my dad, lives 1400 miles away!

    Hang in there, eighteen years will pass 🙂

  5. “I’m off like a heard of turtles.” I love that.

    Keeping fingers crossed that there are no more big unexpected expenses in the coming weeks!

  6. I guess that snowstorm front is headed towards us, and sorry it effected your Easter holidays. That is a bummer.

    We had our P/T conferences last month and it was full of “fun” surprises! Especially finding out that my 5th grader is practically failing because she didn’t “feel like” turning in her missing assignments.

  7. I hate unexpected expenses; they always seem to come at a bad time! Sounds like your weather and your week have given you a sucker punch. Hang in there! Look at it this way — the rest of the week can only get better!

  8. Grandma saying always make me happier.

    If Jeffrey still has that freaky teacher he had at the beginning of school I wouldn’t want to pay attention to her either.

  9. My mom always said ‘off like a herd of speeding turtles’ which I assumed meant we were moving a little slow and she’d like us to speed up. These days I just remind her that ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

    Cars-arg! Mechanics-grr! Laundry-sigh…

    Hope your Thursday-Sunday goes better.

  10. Our weather here in VA has been pretty crazy, too. It keeps trying to get warm and we get our hopes up and start planting a garden and wearing shorts, then it rains/tries to snow and freezes over night. Luckily we didn’t plant our whole garden yet.

  11. To comfort parents with children who goof off in class, I personally know someone who in the 3rd grade accidentally broke a girl’s arm on the playground (who happened to be his 4th grade teacher’s daughter), had literally 100’s of detentions, and was held back in the 2nd grade.

    He ended up serving a successful mission, received a 4.0 in college, worked on Wall Street, attended a very noteworthy MBA program, and became an incredible husband to his nutty beauty blogging wife and father to their 5 daughters.

    Hang in there Tracy, you know I think you are incredible!

  12. “Off like a herd of turtles”! Awesome. I seriously need to adopt that mantra, since I usually start off that way when any imminent task is before me.

    Sorry things aren’t going so well at the moment…isn’t it great to know that blogging about it brings free therapy? And massive amounts of support! We all love ya’, you know…

    I don’t like that idea about marriages being successful when the wife is better looking, because if it’s true? My marriage sure is in trouble… 🙂

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