21 thoughts on “Hair Challenge, Week 2

  1. Oh my goodness. Those are precisely the sort of ringlets I have always longed to have (I’m stuck in the mostly straight with just enough wave to be annoying and flip out weird hair camp). Your hair looks gorgeous.

  2. Soooo coo-wull.

    So, do you like, never use shampoo anymore? Just conditioner? And does it still take 4 hours before you’re allowed to touch it?

  3. Yeah, I’m using the conditioner co-shampoo thing, and only once did I resort to a regular curl shampoo, in two weeks, and only because I wanted to see what happens. My scalp is happier, my hair looks WAY better (methinks)- and Jen at Mythbuster sent me this thing called a HOT SOCK. It looks like a sock made out of brillo-pad, and you put it over your hairdryer and it totally difuses all the air. WAY better than a regular difuser- anyway, I just stick the hair sock under my pile o’ hair, and it dried pretty dang quick.

  4. Great boingers your hair is looking incredible Tracy! I am in awe. Maybe this curly girl thing isn’t total madness after all!

  5. I am a minx!

    Nah, it’s just when you hold the camera yourself, you get funny angles- and really, I’m trying to show the HAIR, not the round moon face. 🙂

    Thanks for all the nicey-niceness! I’m struggling with feeling crappy about myself right now, so y’all are making me feel good!

    Jen, you knew this would happen!

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