Faint of Heart

Standing at the kitchen island this morning, I picked up a can of Sprite, took a drink, and waves of nausea hit me in a tidal wave. Grabbing the edge of the counter, I called to David as my head began to swim, my ears started ringing, and I sunk down to the floor. It’s been two years since I fainted, but there I was, whoooops- on the kitchen floor.

David pressed wet cloths to my face and hovered over me as I slowly regained my focus. What the hell now? I mean, come on… I’m not pregnant (absolutely positive), I’m not sick- what’s going on? Anyone else ever faint for no apparent reason?

So I’m playing hooky from church today and watching Blades of Glory. Advice welcome.

20 thoughts on “Faint of Heart

  1. I think you’re pregnant. But if you’re sure you’re not, my guess is dehydration or lack of food. Were you fasting today?

    Most likely dehydration. Drink up, baby.

  2. Oh, and also, I found Blades of Glory hilariously funny, although a little too potty mouthed.

    “The night is a dark time for me.

    It’s dark for everyone, you moron.

    Not for dudes in Alaska, or people with night vision goggles.”

  3. The only time I ever fainted was from jumping out of bed too fast after waking up. Very disorienting.

    Could definitely be your blood pressure.

  4. Yup, I fainted while interning in a hospital in front of med students doing rounds. Many opinions later, it was decided that I fainted because I ran from the Metro stop in 30 degree weather, into the hospital and up the stairs as fast I could, and since the stairs were not 30 degrees, but a balmy 70 something, my body wigged and shut down. I was actually dizzy for the rest of the day, but lots of fluids, rest, and a good night’s sleep seemed to help.

    Of course, this was before kids, so, um, rest may not be an option for you. I’d take it easy, though.

    FWIW, Wiz faints all the time.

  5. What caused it before? It seems likely that be it again.

    (It sounds like pregnancy, but then I’ve lost all faith in BC ever since the 6th Angel-Monkey surprised us. I’ll never say never again.)

  6. All of the above things, but it could be something scarier too. If you have a family history of fainting or arrhythmias, it might not be a bad idea to have an EKG. I know this really isn’t the time for junk like that with no employment or insurance, but that’s my two cents.

    Although I ate a hot dog for breakfast when I was eight months pregnant just before church. I was in sacrament meeting when I started to go down. Moral of that story: no hot dogs for breakfast.

  7. How are you doing now? Still woozy or light headed? I am sorry, that is scary stuff. Sometimes my low blood pressure causes problems when I stand up, or first thing in the morning, but I have never full on passed out. That is alarming.

    Take care and hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂 Jen

  8. Oh, man! Fainting without reason sucks. I vote for the low blood sugar. That’s the only time I find myself feeling woozy when I’m not sick or anything… Eat an apple! I just hope you’re okay…

    Oh! And I LOVE your hair in your last post! Gorgeous! And the picture’s gorgeous, too, you know. I like seeing what other bloggers look like. 🙂

  9. Were you locking your knees at the time? If it’s low blood pressure (which I have, too), blood stays in your legs if you don’t move them at all. That’s when I’ve fainted before.

  10. Happens to me all the flippin’ time. It is usually low blood sugar, but sometimes my locked knees too. I am pretty good at catching it now, but have had quite a few embarrassing moments and scared the kids good a couple of times as well. When you start to feel in a tunnel, try to sit down and have someone get you something to eat or juice to drink. It makes the world of difference. Sometimes doesn’t work, but usually does.

    Love your hair! And your eyebrows too! We must talk about the eyebrows. Hair is getting so pretty, maybe we can start talking you all into a family photo 😉

  11. The only time I’ve ever completely fainted was when it was very hot and humid and I was apparently dehydrated. I’ve almost fainted lots of other times though, generally from either being too warm (and not being well hydrated), or from low blood sugar (cold juice is a great remedy), or from standing up too fast (low blood pressure). Locking your knees can do it too, especially if you’ve been standing up for awhile.

    Drinking loads of hydrating fluids and resting is a good solution to the dizzy feeling.

  12. Nope, this hasn’t happened to me when I am NOT pg… but I say take it easy and drink water…. it can be a bloodsugar issue…

    Feel better

  13. totally fainted with out reason several tims. Once I did the fainting/throwing-up thing at Del Taco while at lunch with 2 fairly new friends and all our kids (yes they still liked me afterwards, we even went out to lunch again, we even went back to Del Taco, funny part was the next time we went the dining area was packed full of emts and firefighters, they must have heard I was coming) After that incident I went in that day and had myself checked out, they ran the whole heart thingamajiger and nada. That was several years ago and while my dr wanted me checking my blood sugar regularly after that, still nothing. A couple of months ago I passed out on the kitchen floor but I think it was from lack of real food (we’d all been really sick and no one was eating much of anything). I’d say for the next while make sure you don’t go without food for too long, I know that makes hubby lightheaded if he doesn’t have something in his stomach every few hours.
    Other than that I don’t have any other advice, but I believe you about not being pregnant.

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