The Alligator and the Submarine

This is another guest post by Jeffrey, age 6 1/2. Last time he watched the post eagerly, and was thrilled with each comment.


 Once upon a time, my family and I were waiting for a boat. We saw a space shuttle. Someone was going to space. They were going to the moon. This is what I think the moon looks like. This is what they saw.

Then they went into a swamp. First an alligator robot attacked. Then the alligator bit the submarine. The submarine person became lunch. The others escaped.

The End.

19 thoughts on “The Alligator and the Submarine

  1. I am so glad you and your family escaped the jaws of the evil robot alligator. Freaky stuff going on in that swamp!

    Love it Jeffrey, keep up the great work.

  2. Alligator robots are definitely more exciting than regular ol’ alligators. I hope the submarine person wasn’t a close friend. At least your family is safe. Good work!

  3. Love the pictures. And a very exciting story too. Looking forward to the next story. (My kids like them too.)

  4. I’M a Little concerned about the submarine eating robot alligators. I will have to forward a warning to (COMSUBFOR) Commander Submarine Force to keep a look out.

    Great Job on the Story.

    Submarine News

  5. Jeffery you are a budding journalist! I was enthralled with your reort and look forward to more! Your pictures show that you got artistic talent from your mom too! What a great swamp!

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