The Mural

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I finishes this afternoon. This is kind of the round about photo montage. I think you can get the idea- the frog was a request by the three year old girl who lives there. Next, the mom is going to put silk cushions and pillows all over the floor, hang sconces from the walls, and drape fuchsia and violet curtains in the “windows”. The room is actually quite small- about 7′ square.

Pretty cool for hide-out for a bunch of kids!

By the way, in case you can’t tell from the pictures (and I’m sure you can), this room is underground, there are no actual windows and even the wall are really just plain white walls. I painted each brick and beam in- none of it is real. I also filled the “sky” with real constellations and printed the kids names in Egytian cartouches on the wall;  they get to solve the puzzle of what each one says. He he he.


All this week I’m working on a mural in a friend’s wine-cellar. Well, it was a wine cellar when they bought the house, now it’s a play-cave for her children. It’s cool because it’s behind two doors in her basement, and the last doorway is pointed at the top, like the Arabian nights. Soooooo….

My theme for the mural is The Desert. I’ve painted the walls like an old stone building, and the sun setting outside the windows. You can see silhouettes of palm trees, and the pyramids are in the distance. I found a diagram of how the stars look in the sky in that area of the world, and am painting the constellations in the sky. She’s going to have cushions made in deep purples and blues and it’s going to be soooo cool.

There will be pictures when I’m done- for now, I gotta run- day three, and I’m most of the way almost past halfway.

Hooray and Huzzah!

One of my Etsy painting sold!! I’m dooooin’ a little dance, dancin’ a little jig…. jumping up and down and squeeeeeeeeling with delight! Someone actually bought something I painted! That. Is. Huge! That means I’m a real painter- Much like the Velveteen Rabbit only becomes Real when he is loved, perhaps it’s also true that a painter only become Real when she is sold!

The purchaser shall remain anonymous, unless she herself chooses to make her presence known- but I shall let my gratitude be known to all the bloggernacle! Thank you!

Hair Challenge, Day One


Ok, David took the top picture last night, and we laughed at how I look like Hagrid. In my defense, I brushed the crap out of it, since this is the last time I get to brush for three weeks. Yes, it really is that big, no I didn’t tease it. At all. Now you know why it’s always up.

Bottom picture is this morning, following Jen’s rules for curly hair. Sorry it’s so dark, but I took that one myself… I washed it with conditioner, and didn’t touch it until it was completely dry. Unfortunately, “dry” took almost four hours. Let’s hope my time improves as the three weeks go by!

File this under “I can’t believe I’m sharing this nightmare with the world”.

The End of the Knot

Beanie just walked in the room and said “Mom! You’re hair’s CRAZY!”. Funny. I had just taken it down from it’s perpetual “knot” on top of my head and shaken out the mess of nappy curls. It’s not a pretty thing. It was also apropos that he should comment, as I’m considering a challenge given me by Jen at Mythbuster Beauty.

Jen has challenged me to love my curls. I don’t. I hate them. They are messy, nappy, inconsistent, and I always feel like a wild woman when I let ’em go curly. Usually, my hair is in the Knot simply because I don’t know what else to do. Occasionally I’ll blow it out and it’s lovely- I get tons of compliments- but if there’s any humidity at all, it’s POOF city, and all that work is up in smoke. To anyone who doesn’t have curly hair, I’m speaking Greek, but there it is.


The picture above is a glamorous version of the Knot. (it is me) Also, of how my kids usually see me, but that’s another issue. Don’t get on my bad side.

So, Jen has given me a three-week challenge. She swears if I follow her rules, in three weeks I will love my hair, and my life will be transformed. Well, OK, maybe I made up the transformed part, but I can always hope. It’s time to end the three decade hate-affair with my hair.

You might also want to check out Jen’s awesome site. She reviews cosmetics and make-up and has somehow managed to get companies to send her beauty products FREE just so she’ll write reviews. Can you imagine? How freakin’ cool is that? Here’s the best part (besides how cool she is- and Fried Green Wednesdays)- she gives stuff away all the time! Go check her out– and win some Tarte make up this month!

The Cowboy and the Bandit

This is a guestpost by Jeffrey M. 

Once upon a time there was a cowboy, he shot bandits with his rifle. He rode his horse bside the railrode track. He jumped on the tran when his horse was still going. He got punched by a bandit. The cowboy punched the bandit. The bandit fell off the train and the bandit was dead. The end.


Thank You

I wish I could thank you properly.
I have no idea who you are, but thank you so much for your annonymous act of kindness.
Someone, known only as Blogernacle Person, sent a Target e-giftcard to my DandelionMama e-mailbox.
Abby has a new pink gingham Easter dress coming, and I have a rice steamer.
Thank you. Really.
What a treat.