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Weariness. Stretching hurts. It’s supposed to, right? I mean, that’s how you know things are happening. I’m tired. I want to curl up and be done with all this stretching. Stretching money, stretching time, stretching resources, stretching patience, medication, bills, groceries, and everything else in my life.

It frightens me to say that- I mean, am I tempting fate by acknowledging that I feel like a piece of worn-out underwear elastic?

David has an interview on Friday morning. This may be It- he’s made it through several tiers of hierarchy, and this could be the nail-it interview.

Pray for us, please?

If that’s not your thing, do a sun-dance, burn some incense, pound a cold one, bang your gong, commune with the moon- however you know God, if you could put in a good word for us… We would be ever so grateful.

25 thoughts on “Thread Fraying Fast

  1. Ah, Tracy! I feel for you. Cyber hugs and tears shed with you. Been there, done that, hit this “fraying” wall… more than once.

    Let’s see… what helped me most when we were going through so much of the same things?

    * Vent — to David, to a close friend in person, on your blog. You have a lot of support and a lot of admirers. It’s okay to find this difficult; it’s okay to stomp your foot occasionally in frustration or anger at the situation; it’s okay to cry; it’s okay not to always be strong and in control. Let it out. Vent by talking to someone or by painting or by doing something goofy with your kids. If you don’t, you will eventually explode. You need a personal outlet.

    * Find a scripture or hymn or something that you can hold onto when nothing else works. For me it is Matt 11:28-30 (Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…) and John 14:27 (Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.) They are my lifelines!! I memorized them so I could use them whenever and wherever I need them.

    * My mom often paraphrases something Elder Packer said, that often we have to take a few steps into the darkness before He shows us the light. Having the faith to trust Him when we can’t see very far ahead of the current challenges is really difficult! But He really will catch us and guide us through the darkness. He WILL be there.

    * Try to remember that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel… even when you can SEE the light but can’t seem to REACH the light! There will be a day when you will look back and say, “Remember how much we learned when we went through that? But I’m so glad we don’t have to do it again!” Eventually, whenever, not soon enough(!) this will be in the past.

    * Continue working toward the temple. Attend as often as you can. There is peace and comfort and a sense of eternal perspective in the temple!

    These challenges and heartaches are the moments that give meaning to the phrase “endure (well) to the end.” You can do it! These are some hard moments in your life, but you can survive. You can emerge stronger and better. You can end up with a deeper, more personal understanding of the Savior’s love. You really can make it through this.

    Hang in there, girl. Keep hanging in there! (((Hugs)))

  2. I will dance outside in my bestest deadhead outfit, howling at the moon, and singing your praises! So basically, no different than any other night at our house 😉

  3. keeping you in my prayers, what about doing a fast?
    And Michelle AM, that is great advice, I think everyone can benefit from it, I know I did.

  4. Wiz, that youtube is priceless!

    Thanks, Moddy. I had to learn some of these lessons the really hard way… like Tracy is learning them now. There have been times when my “blanket” was pretty threadbare — but the key is to realize and focus on the fact that the blanket is still there, no matter how many fraying threads there are!

    I think a fast would be a good idea if Tracy agrees.

    Lots of love, Tracy. As one of my sons says, keep on keepin’ on.

  5. Michelle, you are a gem. Good advice- thank you.

    Thank you everyone, for your kindness and love.

    I find myself wondering how far the Israelites had to walk into the Red Sea before the water parted. For surely they had to make that step of faith- but have no idea how far into the water they had to go. Was it on the beach? I doubt it. Were they up to their knees? Their shoulders? Oever their heads? I don’t know. But it must have been require that they walk into the water. So I keep thinking on that.

  6. The parting of the Red Sea is a wonderful comparison. It makes sense to me that the Israelites likely would have had to take a few steps into the water before it parted. We are often required to do the same when faced with our challenges. You are adopted into the House of Israel; this is your story, too! Continue to be one of the faithful ones who is willing to step into the water, even when it’s up to your knees and rising.

    And I agree with jen38 about the worn-out underwear elastic. What an image of weariness!

  7. Done.

    (I’m thinking that for every person who posts that they’ll be praying for you that there are a dozen kindly lurkers who will be praying too.)

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  9. Just wanted to say I’ve been thinking about you all day. Hope the day went well for you and your husband.

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