Hair Challenge: Finale

hair challenge week 3

Three weeks. No shampoo. No brushing. No hair dryer. No Hagrid!

I can’t beleive it. If I hadn’t done it myself, I would totally not buy it- and yet, there it is- proof positive- thick, shiny, curly, soooo soft, not crunchy or gelled or stiff (or fuzzy), lovely hair. I may still iron it out once in a while- once in a great while.

Things may be going to hell in a handbasket- but hey! My hair looks great!

Once again, thanks Jen, Mythbuster Beauty, and Jessicurl. I’m sold! If any of your curlies out there are tired of hating your hair, I highly suggest you give it a shot- three weeks- I promise, It works!! Just for giggles, remember this?  Yeah. Buh-bye Hagrid!

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  1. Wow–that’s beautiful!

    But I must have missed something in the other hair posts–no shampoo? How do you wash your hair? Or rather, with what?

    It’s just. so. pretty.

  2. Oh! I think I talked about it the first post- I use conditioners. The same way I would shampoo with a regular shampoo, masaging the scalp with the pads of my fingers- then I rinse, and use a heavier conditioner to actually condition it. I know, it sounds crazy! I was SO skeptical- and yet, there it is!

    Many conditioners have enough sulfactants to adequately cleanse- and for curly girls like me, they do so MUCH gentler than a regular (even a gentle or baby) shampoo.

    Before I started this three weeks ago, my scalp was dry and itchy- even with a salcylic acid shampoo- there just didn’t seem to be anythin I could do about it- and my hair was SOOOO fuzzy and outa control.

    Now? Well, for the first time in basically my life, I really LIKE my hair! How bout that!?

  3. Tracy it’s so pretty I’m just full of jealous sighs.
    But I’m still sorry about the hell in a handbasket part.
    I guess this is a tender mercy?

  4. That looks great! Sooo much better that the “before” picture! 🙂 I’m afraid my hair would get too greasy if I only washed it with conditioner. Otherwise I would say I would try this. Do you put any kind of mouse on it after?

  5. Nope. Conditioner as shampoo, heavy conditioner, comb in the shower while soaking wet, rinse, curl lotion also while soaking wet. That’s it. Ta-dah!

    I thought it would be a greasy nightmare, too. But, obviously I was wrong. My hair is very thick and pretty darn curly- a person with straight or thinner hair obviously could not follow this routine- but if you’ve got thickness and bounce, nothing works better.

  6. I’m gonna send this info to my sister! She has thick curly hair, but always has to really gel it to get it to do anything… she would probably love this. I have some curl in my hair, but it’s thin. I’m not sure this would work for me :S

  7. Wow, your hair is so beautiful!! I wonder if it’ll work for mine, I only have a little bit of curl in my very thick hair but would love it to look like that. Gorgeous, Tracy, simply gorgeous!

  8. Tracy your hair is gorgeous!

    How curly does ones hair have to be for this to work? Mine is quite wavy… I wouldn’t mind having nicer curls.

  9. Oh holy mama! Your hair is great! Does your husband just love it too? Good to hear something has worked out in the past few months. This could be the turning point.

  10. Wow, that’s really amazing. I had a friend in high school who had such curly hair she could only comb it when it was wet. If she grew it long, it didn’t get long—it just got big. I always envied her hair but well, not really. So hard to take care of!

  11. Wow, 3 weeks to fantastic hair! It looks great!

    I think the best part is the lack of hair dryer/gel/etc. For me and my schedule, air drying is the only way to go. I choose not to use my precious get-ready minutes blow drying my thick hair; it just takes too long!

    So, you have a positive feel-good thing to hold onto with everything else going to hell in a handbasket!!

  12. Seriously, you may have just saved my 9 year old a million new tears. Beautiful! Any particular conditioners work better than others? I’ve tried them all…

  13. I have short straight hair and use the co-poo method. I love my hair so much more since I started! Less fly aways and much more manageable. Curly girls don’t get ALL the fun!

  14. Hooray Tracy!!! Your hair is spectacular and you look stunning, wow-za is right! I am absolutely tickled with this outcome!

    My favorite haircare lines are Jessicurl, Mixed Chicks, DevaCurl, and the AG line. If there is one hair product that you should invest in, it is a good quality conditioner. I would also highly recommend a visit to

  15. Jen is right- hit AND Jessie has little video clips of what to do- and at first it seems like a hassle, but seriously, it has totally streamlined my mornings. It’s SO SO much easier than gelling, mousing, drying, curling and/or straightening. And it’s SO soft- really.

    If you have wavy hair, I think some women have success trying this- but I can guarantee if you’ve got any curl, it really is amazing.

    Right now, I’m using Suave Coconut Conditioner to _shampoo_- and it has enough sulfactants (the thing in soap that makes it soapy) to very nicely clean my hair. You can also use Loreal Vive Curling Conditioner as your shampoo.

  16. OMG Tracy! Your curls look AMAZING!!! I’m thrilled to have helped in some way. The downside is that people are going to want to touch it a lot more since it looks so soft and shiny! 🙂

  17. Hey! Cool! Jessie from Jessicurl came and saw and liked! That’s awesome! Her products are responsible for this amazing transformation- she started making them in her kitchen (not anymore!) and they are all natural and organic. Oh, and they rock.

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  19. I’ll have to look into the product, my hair has to be washed every day and gobs of gel put in it so it doesn’t look frizzy and I’m a hairdresser! I’ve tried about every product out there.

  20. I’m a frustrated curly girl and I just stumbled upon your story. How often to do you wash your hair?

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  23. I m trying this right away. I’m divorced too, just got on the dating sites and had my picture taken and was horrified , I looked like your first picture . Scary and I paid 50 dollars for it, we’ll now I’m going natural . When u dry it , do u let it go that way dry in the daytime, do u ever braid it wet or do Bantu knots hugs

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