DevaSun Dryer

Lookie what came in the mail today!

Ok, I know it looks like a strange chicken hat on top of a rocket- but it’s not. It’s the hottest (ha ha!) hairdryer out there, the DevaSun dryer and DevaFuser- sent to me by it’s creator, Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon in New York. Getting to test it out and write a product review should be fun…

“You’re not relying on the heat source to dry the hair,” explains Shari Harbinger, a partner at Devachan Salon. “You’re relying on an ionic generator, which has the power to actually evaporate the water molecules so you don’t necessarily have to set the heat so high. By keeping the heat setting lower at 275 and using the ionic technology, you’re not only drying the hair faster but you’re not expanding the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, from the heat, which would then give the appearance of frizzy, lackluster hair. Instead you’re getting a very closed cuticle and a very shiny curly hair.”

Well, we shall see, shan’t we? ( My nonchalance is affected- secretly I’m tickled pink and being chosen to receive and reveiw a $200 hairdryer! )


14 thoughts on “DevaSun Dryer

  1. Hooray for Devachan!!! Lorraine Massey is my real life hero. That is the weirdest looking thing I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to hear how you like it.

  2. That looks pretty cool. Interesting in almost a sci-fi way?
    Can’t wait to hear the review (although I don’t think I would ever spend $200 on a hair drier)

  3. Seriously, I would be hard pressed (especially now!) to drop that kind of money on a hairdryer- however, if it turns me into a beauty queen, I might reconsider!

  4. Ionic generator? Yeah, right. Its a CIA mind control device. I give you a week before you start disappearing for weeks at a time to undisclosed locations.

  5. Seriously thought it was some new kitchen gadget, not that I could figure out what it was for, glad to know its a hairdryer. Hopes it works great, though for that price it should do a song and dance to entertain your kids while you get ready for the day.

  6. I’m wishing I had curly hair just so I had an excuse to use such an awesomely bizarre looking contraption. Although, I wouldn’t be too keen on dropping the $200 on it, so maybe I’ll just try to be content with my plain old straight locks. (I think the $200 would be worth it though if it totally worked wonders.)

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  9. I spend sooo much money on my thin somewhat wavy hair w/ extensions and color and cuts to have a layer of frizz on top…. horrible. If this blow dryer does what it says it just might be worth going broke over….

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