Cleaning Like a Madwoman

My new visiting teachers are coming over this morning- (for non-Mo’s, those are the ladies assigned to me to see how I’m doing each month; we all have someone we see, and someone who sees us) – and I’m panicking. My new VT is the woman we bought this house from! So now I have to run around like the Tasmanian Devil to make sure the house is spotless and perfect. She is a decorator, for heaven’s sake, and this house was a palace when she lived here!

The funny thing is, I adore her- and am really glad she’s my VT now. I just don’t want her to walk in and think “Oh, what a pit- why did I sell my showplace to this swine-like family?”.

Also, her companion is new in the ward, and she has a baby who is DEATHLY allergic to peanuts. My kids practically bathe in peanut butter, and I’m sick with the idea there might (certainly) be peanut butter molecules on the couch or the chairs or toys. Peanut butter is the only thing Bean eats- what do I do?? I may meet her at the door and offer her a large plastic bubble in which to place her baby. I don’t want this poor child made ill by my kids’ adoration of all things peanutty. So, where did I put my large plastic bubble…?

Off to clean everything with a toothbrush and bleach… Cause really, what else do I have any control over? 

15 thoughts on “Cleaning Like a Madwoman

  1. Now I seriously want to know how it is possible to clean faster than a toddler destroys, let alone 3 kids. I cannot seem to do it.

  2. Yes, meet them at the park, esp b/c of the peanut butter thing.

    I love the wording “my kids bathe in peanut butter” good one.

    My kids HATE it. ALong with French Fries, cheese and candy. What is WRONG WITH THEM???????

  3. I was going to say “host a back yard tea party” but the park sounds even better!! The peanut butter, oh the peanut butter. What IS it with kids (and husbands) and peanut butter?!

  4. You could always meet them at the door with a hazmat suit! You might be able to find one of those a bit easier than a bubble!

  5. Yeah, she’s serious.

    It went great. The kids played out in the backyard. It must be SO hard to have a kid that allergic something so many kids love- I mean this kid, not even two yet, and he needs TWO adult does of Epi-Pen if he is exposed to peanuts. Criminy. I’m not sure I would even want to leave the house. Plus, the mom is WAY cool. So it was good.

  6. It’s occasions like VT appts. that I wish my house had a parlor. You know, a little sitting room with a door near the very front of the house. Then I would only have to keep the one area clean for receiving guests—I’d lock the door to keep the kids out of it on non-guest receiving days. Then I’d just have to make sure all the other crud is shoved out of any possible line of view from the front door to the parlor.

    Peanut butter—gooood.

  7. So then the cookie recipe I sent you wouldn’t be a very good idea? Honestly, if my child had that serious of an allergy, I wouldn’t risk going to other people’s homes like that. Family, of course, but for VT, I would have suggested a park or a play area of some sort myself instead of risking going to someone else’s home. Glad all went well, but that does put a lot of pressure on the person whose home you are visiting!

  8. Go somewhere else… my son has severe allergies, and my bubble was to not take him with me. Maybe she won’t either?

    I know I’m late– but the birthday posts.. wow, 2 yrs– has it been that long… 🙂 She looks thrilled- love the top photo!

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