Overheard in our Car

“Mom?” Beanie queries from the backseat, “Are pigs vegetables?”

Me: “Hmm? Pigs vegetables? Nope. Vegetables are plants that grow in the ground that we eat. Why?”

Bean: “We eat pigs.”

Me: “Yes, some people do eat pigs, but pigs don’t grow out of the ground like a carrot.”

Bean: “How come some people eat pigs, then?”

Me, thinking uh-oh: “Well… some people like to eat meat. You like bacon, don’t you?”

Bean: “Where does bacon come from?”

Me, ugh: “Well… bacon comes from the pig after they kill it and cut it up. Then people eat it.” (I mean, was there a better way to say this??)

Bean: “So you take a piece of pig, put stuff on it, then put the bread on top and you have a hamburger!”

Oooooo-kay. Not sure he got the gist, but I think that was enough nature for the day- especially from his vegetarian mother.

(I was a vegetarian for 17 years, and took a brief break between Beanie and Abby, but have since resumed my natural eating habits. I do not however, care what anyone else eats, nor do I have, anywhere in my vast arsenal, have a soapbox emblazoned with “vegetarianism”.)

14 thoughts on “Overheard in our Car

  1. Since you opened this box…we tend to like veggies at our house too and no one really likes or eats meat. I wonder how you manage to keep your meals balance… any tricks? I have a kid who would only eat broc for the rest of his life, but that doesn’t give him all that his body needs. Should I through in some doritos? Ice Cream, just to get some fat into him???

    I’d love your “best of” recipies..

  2. bek–the Moosewood cookbook is my bible, and just last week we had veggie crepes–crepes stuffed with broccoli and cheese sauce, which isn’t exactly low far, but better than Dortios. My six year old lapped it right up. The sauce is just butter, flour, milk, some spices, and whatever cheese you want–I used Mozarella and, I might add, it turned out yummy. You can never go wrong with cheese.

  3. Yep, the Moosewood collective has put out some of the very best veggie recipes. They even have a book especially for kids called Pretend Soup. And it rocks.

  4. Hey, he had the right concept, just the wrong animal.
    Heather O,we had bacon for lunch yesterday, yummy. I mean, ewww, nasty, yucky, pooey-pooey, it was terrible!!!

  5. I made pork roast one day, and my daughter asked me what it was. I said
    “Pork” And she said, “Well, just don’t tell me it’s a farm animal, or I’ll have to spit it out!”
    She’s my 6 year old vegetarian

  6. Funny. Jacob is totally in an anti-meat stage. Out of the blue. Josh thinks it’s great, because he doesn’t have to wait for Jacob to look away before he grabs leftover food off of Jake’s plate.

  7. All of my kids go through a stage where they call dinner by it’s living name. Cow. Pig. Fish. Chicken. (Hmm…why *do* some animals get to keep their names when they hit the dinner table?)

  8. We’re not vegatarian but don’t eat much meat. Once my oldest came home from Grandpa’s house–Grandpa the former cattle rancher– and RAVED about this wonderful meal he had, “Meat and potatoes, Mom. They’re so good together!” He thought it was an exotic new combination.

    I’d love to see some of your favorite meatless dinner recipes.

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