Happy Birthday Abby!

Two years ago today, (To this exact minute! -totally random- I just glanced at the clock!) my sweet, wonderful, delightful, happy, full of joy, girl child was born.

She came into the world with a lot of people waiting for the news, and she was greeted by family, loved ones, and wishes sent from kind hearted people she may never meet or know. Her entire life is documented in this blog- from the day I took the pregnancy test, to the sonigram that dubbed her Maybe, to right this minute, pushing her little scoot-bike into the piano, and hollering ” ‘duck, mama, ‘duck!”. Yes, the bike is caught on the piano bench, and I must go rescue her.

Someday, I hope she treasures this record of her early years, and the life her family has lived. I hope she values knowing what her Mama thought and felt, and that maybe, someday, she will find hope and solace in her own journey as woman in the words I’ve put down.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. You have been an unimaginable blessing in my life, and I love you more than you will ever know.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Abby!

  1. Dearest Abby,

    You are a blessing to your Mama in more ways than you will ever know! Keep smiling and laughing and know that there are many people who love you and keep you in their hearts always. Happy Birthday sweet, precious angel.

    Much love,

    The Auntie that gives you all the toys that make noise that drive your Mama crazy 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Abby! May you have a wonderful new year ahead.

    That is a wonderful picture of all three of your children together. They look so protective and proud of their new baby sister.

  3. What a fabulous picture of your three kids together. Some of my favorite pictures are of my kids gathered around their newest sibling.

    Happy Birthday Abby! What a blessing you seem to be for your family. Give your Mama lots of hugs and kisses.

  4. Happy late Birthday, Abby! I must say that you are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother (and father) and two big brothers who love you so much!

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