One Happy Girl

I just had to share this picture I took today. This is my girl. She’s TWO now- and she spent the day doing what she loves- she played outside all day, in the garden, ate banana and avocado, and wore Beanie’s stocking cap. Her new dress is trashed, her face is covered in dirt, and I couldn’t care less. Because the look on that face? It’s worth all the treasure on earth.

11 thoughts on “One Happy Girl

  1. It started out red-blond, but as she’s gotten older, her hair has gotten more and more blonde… I can’t beleive it either! Her eyelashes are dark, and the boys both have red eyelashes and brows- that should have cued me in the red wasn’t going to stay.

    I think they might have given me the wrong baby at the hosptial, and someone, somewhere, has a really pissed off redhead they don’t know what to do with!

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