Random Crap

So Abby’s birthday went well- there are pictures to prove she had fun, and it was a madhouse of little boys (and even two girls!) running around the backyard. We opted for books for gifts, and the 30 or so people (!) that showed up seemed to have a good time. I made tacos and enchiladas- remind me to give you my enchilada recipe- easy and yummers.

I’m being taken to lunch today at the culinary academy for their annual finals- it ought to be fun. I just hope it’s not icky things with tentacles.

Some ladies in my ward are hosting a brunch and seminar at the local continuation high-school for high-risk girls. I’ve been invited to help. The seminars will be on dressing for job interviews, make-up and hair care, nutrition, and self-esteem. These are girls that are either teen-mothers, are stuck in abusive or unhealthy homes, or have dropped out of regular school. I hope we can actually do something to help.

Nothing yet on the job front. It’s coming… it’s got to be coming soon. Right…?

I’m taking you all’s advice and keeping the fence up between now and my past. A quick “hello” over the wall, and then on with regular life. It was Mo’s long answer that did it: NO. But thank you all.

Occasionally I think about getting a dog. Then I regain my sanity.

My cousin is doing a seven day, 500 mile bike-ride to raise money for AIDS research. This is Crazy-Chicken-Annie’s daughter, and I love her to pieces. She is an amazing woman, and I love her and wish her the best success. I also covet the amazing legs I’m sure her 500 miles of riding are going to garner her… But that’s me being shallow. Go H!

Jeffrey told me the other day he really really needs Dad to get a job, because he needs  some new Lego. Yeah, buddy, me too.

Beanie has lost his voice of late. Not sure if it’s because of his constant screeching, or if it’s a Tender Mercy. He is totally annoyed, but it’s pretty cute to see him yelling at me, and nothing coming out. I’m a bad mom.

OK, spring. Any day now…

12 thoughts on “Random Crap

  1. Yeah, her enchiladas are like crack in a tortilla, for reals. I ate 3. Even though I was stuffed to the gills I just couldn’t stop eating, they’re so good.
    What’s up with spring, yeah? Can you believe I even got a little pink from all that sun yesterday and now the weather is ick again?
    Way to go cousin H, we’re all with you as you rock those 500 miles. But only figuratively of course 😉
    Enjoy lunch!

  2. Ooh, I’m excited now to hear about the culinary academy adventure and the continuation-highschool adventure. Keep us posted.

  3. Is your enchilada recipe low-fat? Yeah, probably not, how could it be “like crack” otherwise?

    I ditto the “keep us posted” on all your adventures that are forthcoming…

    And yes, the job is coming. It will come!

  4. Don’t get a dog. I am the most dog person of all dog persons, and now is not the time for you to get a dog. It’s like having a toddler for the first six months.

  5. I love the idea of going to the local culinary school for finals. I wonder if the one by me does that. I totally want to go now.

    And I MUST have your enchilada recipe.

    That thing for high-risk girls sounds like it could be really helpful – if also frustrating in a way.

  6. I’m really hoping your next post is the enchilada recipe. It is my husband’s favorite food on Earth.

    So glad your baby girl had a wonderful 2nd birthday!

  7. Oh, how I wish my 4.5 year old would lose his voice! Constant talking and questions. Do they get past the “Why?” stage at some point because it is killing me.

    The job is coming!!

  8. I can’t wait to see your enchilada recipe…we love enchiladas, kids included!
    Praying the job comes soon…
    Hang in there and keep smiling!

  9. We’ve started using pine needles as makeshift wishbones because let’s face it we need wishes without having to plop a turkey in the oven to get it. Anyway, after breaking a ton of them and laughing my older girls revealed their wishes to me:
    1. For Dad to get a “real” job. (He graduated at Christmas in Accounting but still works as a newspaper warehouse guy)
    2. To have a vehicle that accommodates all of us when we want to go somewhere.
    3. For everything I wished to come true.

    If it works I’ll box up some magical Texas pine needles to send to you.

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