I’ve Created a Monster

It would seem I am not the only cheese-hound in our house. Jeffrey came home from school today, opened the fridge, and immediately exclaimed. “MOM! You went to the CHEESE store!!”

The next words from his mouth- “You went WITHOUT me?!”

Jeffrey and I have a special Cheese Friends handshake- we really do.  And when he saw the telltale wax-lined paper in the icebox, not only did he recognize it- (He is 6!) But he proceeded to examine all the little wax wedges until he found the Regianno Parmigiana chunk. I told him he could have some, and a few minutes later, I found him on the sofa, watching Tom & Jerry, gnawing off the entire wedge.

Do I really want my boy craving and inhaling cheese that’s $30 a pound?? I have created a monster. I’m secretly tickled pink.

11 thoughts on “I’ve Created a Monster

  1. Hahaha! That is stinkin’ funny! That would have been the perfect time to go and join him! Then you could atleast have hopes of getting it back into your hot little hands!

  2. I thought I was the only person who did that…sit on the sofa, watch TV and gnaw little chunks off the Regianno. I may have found a kindred spirit – LOL!

  3. That is a great picture! Great story too.
    We have a safe that my BIL gave us. It contains chocolate chips and nothing else. I created chocolate monsters.

  4. Aw-some! You’re raising him right!!! When we lived in Holland, my (then) youngest would spend an hour in the cheese shop with her daddy. She even said the dutch word “kaas” before the english word “cheese.” She and daddy will sit in the kitchen sampling forever. I must admit, it makes me proud!

  5. It never fails. Mr. Wonderful and I decide to have date night in. We send the kids to bed (or at least Upstairs). I pull out the crackers and brie or stilton or whatever cheese caught my fancy that week. Mr. Wonderful gets into our stash of non-alcoholic bubbyl. We cuddle down to watch a movie and suddenly…….


    or ala Wallace and Grommit: “CHEEEEEEESE” (with the hand waving).

    Children in pjs tromp downstairs and all four try to hog in on our datenight. We give them each a taste and send them back upstairs. Their demands that we save them some echo down the hall. *sigh*

    What was I thinking, introducing them to high quality cheeses? Darn foodie tendencies…..

  6. That is absolutely wonderful to create an interest like this with your son! No doubt, you are truly passionate about cheese. Perhaps you need to start a blog about it? Like “Beanie’s Cheese of the Day.” reporting all your cheese adventures.

    Here’s to expensive and good taste!

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