There’s an impostor in our midst

and it’s me!

Hey, Mo here. Tracy’s a little out of order at the moment, so I totally hacked her account to post for her. Because, well, I’m awesome(that part will be removed in her edit for sure!), and because she really needs some more good vibes and prayers after the day she had. Yes, her inability to get a break has held fast……

We cancelled plans for tomorrow because of the amount of puke Abby was producing today. Oh, the M family word is actually “barf”, my apologies. Strangely enough, the dry heaves her poor little body was producing turned out to be a small miracle, because when they needed to give her anesthesia so that the plastic surgeon could sew up the huge gash in her lip they didn’t have to worry about when she’d last eaten.  8 hours later, mom, dad, and sweet groggy girl were headed home. Just one quick stop to pick up Jeff. On his way to the car he turns and says “Mom, I feel like I’m gonna….” and turned to barf all over the bushes. The most barfingest family on the planet seems to have caught the bug again. This time with a side of stiches….

Kind words, prayers, adoring adoration, sympathy, cheese…I’m pretty sure Tracy will take whatever she can get today. I know you’re up to it, type away

12 thoughts on “There’s an impostor in our midst

  1. Oh goodness!!! Just when I hope & pray things will let up for your family… I’m not giving up- and I’m certainly hoping that something bright & shiny & wonderful is coming soon!!!!

  2. Oh, Tracy…I’m praying for you. I wish I could come help you clean up the barf and let you take a nap. What a rough day! Holy cow, you need a break. And not just a “nap” break (that I would let you have if I could be there) –you just need a BIG break. I’m prayin’ it comes soon!!

  3. Not cheese! Barfing cheese is the worst! (Actually lunch meat may be worse.)

    I am SO sorry you are so sick. And stitches? That’s just wrong!

    And because your grandma can’t say it: You poor thing–you look sound like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet.

    Wishing you all fast healing.

  4. The universe has a cruel sense of humor and seems to be taking it out all on you. Hope that things get better, they have to right?! Hugs and prayers leaving now, from my lips to Gods ears!

  5. When you didn’t call be back yesterday, I had this odd foreboding about your life. Sorry to hear about the barf-a-rama. Hope things get better soon!

  6. Oh, man, I’m sorry. Someday you’ll look back at all this and laugh. Because it’s either laugh or cry. I hope there’s some sunshine heading your way soon.

  7. Holy crap! I am reading these posts from most current backwards and I am now completely horrified.

    So sorry to hear about poor little Abby’s gash, so, so sorry about all the puking too.

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