Ray of Sunshine

Wouldn’t you be so happy to look out your kitchen window and see that? It’s an American Goldfinch, near as I can figure, and I have one little birdy that hangs out in my Linden tree, backed by my now-blooming Lilacs. Every time I catch a glimpse of him nibbling at the birdfood I put out, it makes me smile. Tender mercies.

15 thoughts on “Ray of Sunshine

  1. Oh, how beautiful! I don’t have birds pretty like that, but I have quail. Many, many quail running along with their babies close behind them. I can’t help but smile every time I see their bobbing heads…

  2. That’s one more for exotic bird bingo…

    One more reason to love a window in the kitchen, and having some time to actually look out of it! Beautiful bird, reminds me of the humming birds we would see growing up!

  3. No, alas, I did not take that picture-I got if off a wild bird of America site.

    Yeah, Heather has the monopoly on the psycho birds right now- mine just sit on the branches and tweet.

  4. Oh wow, Oh heavens, God seems determined to have you painfully shiny and smooth and round, doesn’t He?
    Glad things went as well as they did. I wish you many naps.

  5. I love Goldfinches, they are particularly fond of black thistle seeds. I have missed visiting your site this week.

    My lilacs came out this week as well. I am sending you some snapshots asap. Big hugs Tracy!

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