Stuff You Shouldn’t Even Begin to Care About

Susan has a post up about a meme that’s going around, and I’m playing along. The rules are, take the picture- no fussing, so fixing it up- just a snapshot of your life, today, as is. No one should care about any of this, but if I had the ability to see these little vignettes from when my mom was little, I was love it- so in the interests of my possible posterity, here’s life at my house today…

#1. Kitchen sink. Don’t touch it- just take a picture. Yes, my sink is full of dishes.

#2. Inside of the refrigerator. Nothing out of the ordinary here…

#3. Favorite shoes.

Well, since I hate shoes and go barefoot at any and all possibility, and I wasn’t going to go outside and take a picture of my feet in the grass with the sprinklers on… I’m granola, but not that granola.

#4. Your closet.

Oh! There’s my SLR cameras!! Seriously, I was looking for them yesterday- and there they are, I see, on the shelf on the left. I didn’t even notice when I took the picture earlier!

#5. Laundry Pile.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t doing this two days ago, cause, man oh man, that pile was up to my waist and the hampers were crawling down the hallway.

#6. What the kids are doing.

Since Abby was still asleep when I took this, and Jeffrey had already doodled off to school, it’s just Beanie, sitting on the couch in the living room, watching Tom and Jerry. You can see his little red head on the couch.

#7. Your favorite room.

Well, here’s the microcosm of the macro- I don’t have a wide enough lens to show the entirety of my disastrous sewing/creating room. But just imagine this shot times 12.

#8. Your toilet.

Ok, really, I did pick my prettiest toilet, but that’s all. This is the toile wallpaper the kids love to pick at. The chalkboard is where we all right little notes to each other. Jeff likes to write “I heart Mom”- but the other day when he was ticked at me, in little tiny letters down in the corner, it says “I love dad, not mom”. He he he.

#9. A fantasy vacation.

Well, I don’t really fantasize about vacations. I do want to take my husband here someday- it’s Wasserburg, in southern Bavaria. I went there alone a few years back for Fasching, and I dearly want to share it with David. It’ll be a long time from now, though.

#10. Self Portrait.

This one has been up before, but there was no way I was taking a pre-shower, in my jammies picture of myself and posting it!

24 thoughts on “Stuff You Shouldn’t Even Begin to Care About

  1. Yay! Seriously, I love that you did this. I tagged Bythelbs, who tagged Susan, who inspired you…yep. I’m taking the credit. Sort of. But only because I need validation like that. 😉

    Btw, your home is exactly the way I would hope an artist’s home would be. Loveliness and messiness all rolled into one!

  2. Initial reaction: There isn’t enough money in the whole wide world…

    A comment: Your house is spotless compared to mine.

    A question: 2 Bottles of A-1?

  3. What a lovely bathroom. Is that a blackboard? Do you keep your family message center in the bathroom? Or do you just put little reminders like put the lid down and wash your hands? Just curious. Lovely, lovely bathroom.

  4. I know you have a difficult time with your hair, but seriously, since I knew what hair was I wanted what I term “wicked hair”. Sis had it at one time and all I had was stick straight. I am so jealous of the way your hair looks. You, my dear, are gorgeous.

    Also, a while back you wanted to see examples of my artwork (furniture, murals, etc.) I don’t have mural up, but there are some furniture and wall (name) letters up on the blog recently.

  5. Thanks everyone- I love the toile paper in the bathroom too. In all fairness, it’s the powder room for guests, and that’s why it’s clean. Had I taken a picture of the kids’ bathroom, it would have sent the health department out!

    Two bottles of A1? Really? I hadn’t even noticed! It’s probably Mo’s doing 🙂 . Her and David both love A1.

    Yeah, we write messages on the chalkboard to each other.

  6. I cleaned my fridge on Monday, after Mo commented on how grubby it was! Really! Cut me some slack ladies! It’s not clean! Can you see the grape juice poured all over the wingback? Can you see the sticky floor? Can you see the goldfish crumbs all over the floor?

  7. I would take pics and send them, however, it would not be of my stuff. It would be of the squaters that have taken up residence in my home. Isn’t funny how we want our house to be clean in order for people to see it, but once they make comments on how clean our house is we get a little embarrassed?

  8. I think it’s very telling about your stage of life – the dishes in your sink are all plastic and colored. Take the same pics in a few years, I bet it’s very very different.

    Your house is beautiful.

  9. This is fantastic! I really think your home looks amazing and enjoyed getting a peek into it.

    I love the toile wallpaper and envy your neat fridge as well. I was looking for the cheese in there!

  10. You’re right, I would have loved to have a peek into my mother’s life when she was in my stage of life too! Good for you for documenting your beautiful life :). (no sarcasm intended)

  11. Yeah, I was waiting for someone to notice the VAT of mayo in the door! The embarassing thing is how many of those we go through in a year!

  12. “I cleaned my fridge on Monday, after Mo commented on how grubby it was!”
    Not exactly true. I commented that I was happy someone else had a fridge that looks like mine! Now yours is clean and mine is still gross!
    A1= manna from heaven
    I’ll get on it as soon as I unpack from our trip. Sometime next month perhaps?………

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