Maybe I Have a Thing for Bees?

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Meet my new best friend. Lusciousness that requires the closing of your eyes to fully appreciate the sweet, flowery, subtle flavors on your tongue. Easily the best ice cream. Ever.

8 thoughts on “Maybe I Have a Thing for Bees?

  1. Oh, NO! It sounds divine!!! There is a new tiny ice cream parlor that just opened near us, and I hear through the grapevine they have licorice ice cream… Drooool!

  2. Eww…licorice ice cream? I don’t know….but that vanilla honey sounds awesome.

    Breyer’s has this triple chocolate, it looks like neopolitan (sp?), only with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate…..oh it’s awesome. Give the kids the milk chocolate and enjoy the dark chocolate all by yourself.

  3. I just might have to try that vanilla honey IC, though I have to say that I’ve never thought of adding honey to IC. But I’d probably go for Wiz’s triple chocolate first. You know, because it has CHOCOLATE in it! But I’d give the dark choc to the kids and enjoy the milk choc all by myself. Just sayin’ that’s what I would do…

  4. I went grocery shopping last night and I bought some just to try it…it was sooooo good! The kids and I plopped down on the kitchen floor with our individual spoons and devoured the entire carton in like 5 minutes. I’m gonna have to buy more of the stuff. 🙂

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