Murakami Jackpot

Lookie what I got, lookie what I got!! (Sang in my best sing-songy voice) Yes! Ok, so it might be a fake, but you know what? If it is, it’s a dang good fake! AND, the best part? Garage sale! One dollar. Yes, ONE dollar. It was in a pile of other purses, and the lady said all the purses were a dollar. Even this one? I said, holding it up- she didn’t look up, nodded, and I handed her my dollar and moseyed away. Like a jackrabbit bunny.

It’s got all the marking right, the rivets are right, the insides label is right- I think the lining may be the wrong color- but I’m not sure. I don’t have another to cross check. It is missing the padlock for the zipper.  But still? A dollar? You know you would have bought it too!

7 thoughts on “Murakami Jackpot

  1. Cute cute cute. You must be doing something right to hit drive-thru pay dirt and get that bag in the same weekend. Now I’m tempted to skip yoga and go garage saleing (sailing?)
    Hope things continue to go your way 🙂

  2. Good one.. i would say that two days worth of small (but totally fun and awesome) little treats going your way is a nice diversion, right???

    That is a good fake. The best part about fake’s is that you get the look of the real thing, but you don’t want to murder your children when they spill 29$ worth of burgers on it….. 😉

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