The Ironic Dinner

So today, to splurge and reward my children for being soooo good while I went Visiting Teaching, I promised a rare trip through the drive-thru. Yeah, yeah, I know we can’t really afford it right now, but I have a little stash for treats.

There was a bit of a line, and the car windows were down to alleviate the complaining of hot, hungry kids. Clearly, I could listen to the car in front of me placing her very, very long order- burger after burger- andcrackly intercom girl squawked out her total of $29. Yowza! I admit, all I was thinking, as I placed my order for three kids meals with milk, was that this was going to take forever. My kids were hot and grumpy, and was too.

Wait. Wait. Wait… Wait some more.

As I finally pulled up to the window, the girl began to hand bags out to me- first, three kids meals, three milks, and then four more large bags… wait, this doesn’t make sense- “Uh, miss, I don’t think this is my order… I had three kids meals, and that was all.

I hand the four bags back through the window, and the girl calls her manager over. He looks at the ticket and asks me what I ordered. Repeating it again, he looks befuddled. “OK ma’am, I think we gave your order to the car ahead of you, and this is theirs. We have to throw it away since you handled the bags-Do you want it? We’ll fix you your order right now, and we’re really sorry.”

So, while I patiently (*snerkle*) waited for my correct food, they handed over the four ginormous bags of burgers the lady ahead of me ordered! All $29 worth!

So for the price of three kids meals with milk, I have eight enormous burgers, a chicken sandwich, three more kids meals, and six french fries. Ha! David’s going to be happier than a pig in poop when he gets home! AND I don’t have to cook dinner.

wiggling my behind and *doing a happy dance*

22 thoughts on “The Ironic Dinner

  1. Something similar happened to me at the Chinese Wok Drive-Thru once!

    I won’t bore you with details but let’s just say my entire family got an opportunity to salute General Tsao that evening for a very meager price. We ate and ate until our veins flowed sweet&sour sauce.

    I wish they had a greeting card for just such a happy moment. I’d sen you one.

  2. And what happened to you is far preferable than what I saw at McDonald’s once.

    While we were waiting to order inside the restaurant a customer walked in waving 2 cookies around-WITHOUT THE PACKAGING-might I add. Apparently they gave her the wrong cookies with her drive-thru order. The manager apologized, replaced the cookies and then……AND THEN SHE FREAKIN PUT THOSE COOKIES BACK IN THE CASE TO SELL TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!! :0

  3. This was pretty cool for you, but can you imagine the car in front of you who ordered and paid for all those burgers and DIDN’T get them?! I’d be ticked… Wait, no I wouldn’t because I would realize BEFORE I drove away that I didn’t have my full order!!!

    I can’t say that we’ve spent $29 at one time at a fast food place, but when you are ordering for 2 adults plus 6 kids including 2 teenage boys… it really does add up quickly!! Just speakin’ from experience… We used to go inside to order, simply to keep from holding up the drive-thru line with such a big order that included at least one thing that was special-ordered. (You’re welcome.)

    And actually, that’s a good price for that amount of food – “eight enormous burgers, a chicken sandwich, three more kids meals, and six french fries.” If the sandwiches and kids meals averaged $2 and the fries were $1 – that is $30! The amount just sounds crazy for drive-thru because there’s SO much food!

    Enjoy your dinner that you don’t have to cook! You have enough that you could invite friends to join you! 🙂

  4. Hmmm- that does sound like a good deal- maybe I heard the total wrong. These are not the value menu burgers- they’re the big, fatty burgers with all the stuff on them… maybe it was more?!

    That’s what I get for evesdropping!

  5. “wiggling my behind and *doing a happy dance*”

    Exercising self-control . . . exercising self-control . . . leaving before I say it . . . struggli

  6. That is awesome. Dang, now I want a cheeseburger.

    Oh, and quit saying “I know, I know. We can’t afford it.” I think you say that every time you mention spending any amount of money. I think in ever article about budgeting it recommends that you put aside some “fun money” or you’re going to spend some of the budgeted money. Everyone needs some “fun money” no matter how much or how little they have. (Sorry, that’s just what I thought when I read that part.)

    And EW at the cookie story. Yuck!

  7. For a minute I thought maybe the car in front of you heard the hot, hungry complaining kids and ordered a bunch of food for you. I guess it turned out just as well. You’d hate for all that food to have gone to waste!

  8. What a great story! I love hearing things like this. Blessings sometimes come when you least expect it, and sometimes at the strangest places! The Lord probably knew you didn’t feel like cooking, so he provided dinner for you!

  9. Oh, the drive-thru manager told me she was already back in line behind me! But he still couldn’t give her the bags, since they had passed them to me!

  10. Wow. That’s luck! Same thing happened to me last night only to the tune of an extra onion ring and an extra fries. But I gave em back anyway, because I’ve recently made a life-long commitment to eating nothing.

    I am so glad to see that we are not losing our culture. If we stop using phrases like “pig in poop,” we will have been assimilated.

  11. Normally I’d lament my poor luck at not being around to partake of the spoils, but I can guarantee that the food I’m eating this weekend is WAY better than your free drive thru stuff!!
    Love ya, miss ya!

  12. Glad the lady was back in line because she’d figured out she was missing food before she got home! And she wouldn’t have wanted the original bags anyway because the food would have been getting cold by the time she got back to the drive-thru window. So, all’s well that end’s well, right?!

    Ray, you make me laugh! Tracy, I agree with Erin Marie’s assessment – quit apologizing! By now we know your situation and also know that anyone in that situation needs some “fun money” somehow, somewhere, sometime. It’s okay! We aren’t wishing you’d not spent that money on kids meals for your kids so you could put it toward your electric bill – so don’t you do that, either! 🙂 ( Hugs )

    Oh! I have a question – did YOU eat any of the burgers? I’ve read on other posts that you don’t eat (much?) meat. Just curious…

  13. Wow – what awesome luck. We had some thing similar happen w/ jumbo shrimp once..we got like 20 lbs for the price of 5 lbs because they screwed up our order and had already boiled the 20 lbs..Cool huh?

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