The Results Show!

OK, so I made a 9′ and a 6′ (that’s feet) set of these jabot swags for my friend who just got a new kitchen after 21 years of marriage and four kids. She so deserved something wonderful, and I made them out of dupioni silk in a luscious stripe pattern, and the lining was green.


Here is Abby’s new dress- I positively adore, adore the Amy Butler fabric- I had it in my stash, and was not sure what to do with it- turns out it makes a darling little dress. I got the vintage 70’s pattern for the dress at a yard sale for 25 cents.


The part I am most pleased with is the insides- for the first time, I used French seams. It was not hard, and made the dress hang and come together beautifully. Not a raw edge anywhere, and no serging. If you don’t sew, none of that will mean anything to you, but I’m am just so happy with it, I plan on using French seams again-  things look so finished and professional.

The next dress I’ve started for Abby- I love the birds. I’m up in the air on whether I should make the skirt from the birds, or go with a bright green or solid yellow- again, using the vintage pattern and French seams. Loves it.

This is a table top I am painting for a friend. She and her husband love squirrels, and that was their only request. I opted for anime, since she loves that- and I have to get this finished today and out to her, since her husband deploys tomorrow and she wants him to see it before he leaves.

And this is my sewing room. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days… My poor kids have been neglected and ignored- but they got me back. They snuck into my sewing room when I was upstairs, stole a ball of hand-spun yarn from Peru and cut it into tiny little pieces, just for fun.  They also found my bag of rubber bands and used them as confetti in the play room.  It’s the price we pay.

I hope someday they understand how all-encompassing my need to create is; I hope they don’t resent mama being preoccupied and basically leaving them to their own devices for a day or two. I do feed them and change diapers, but otherwise, as long as no one is bleeding, they pretty much have the run of things. I don’t know how to balance our needs any better than that.

12 thoughts on “The Results Show!

  1. Love. It. All. Especially the Amy Butler dress…I want one! So, I just experienced my first French seam on Saturday, making a sling for my babe, and I loved it, too — how do you incorporate it into any old dress pattern? Is there a trick to that?

  2. Not at all- just use the same process you did for the sling on all the seams in the dress. It takes a little longer, but the end result is totally worth it.

  3. Let them see you be creative. Keep creating around them. Keep creating for them. As they get older they will appreciate the fact that their mother is who she is and they will tell you that what you create is marvelous!

    I learned to paint (self-taught) when the children were 4, 5, & 6. I was learning html then too. They loved having me paint things for them and seeing what I painted next. Now I’m learning photography & quilting. The photography I’m dragging them along with me. We all have cameras and I love seeing the pictures they take.

    And they seem to really enjoy being creative each in their own way.

  4. I LOVE the squirrels!!! You are SO talented.

    Occasionally when life gets us down we need to retreat into a world of what makes us happy. Don’t feel bad about it. Just enjoy doing it!

  5. I think when the line for creative talent formed in heaven, you went through the line a few times. Seriously. Wow!

    If our babies weren’t the same size, I would beg to be on your hand-me-down list.

    I used to love squirrels. And I still do. Just not the ones in my yard.

  6. Gorgeous. You are so talented! I’m sure your friends and kids appreciate you. Your kids just might not recognize it quite yet… as evidenced by the destroyed ball of hand-spun Peruvian yarn. Ouch.

    I would go with the bird or solid yellow for the skirt of Abby’s bird dress and use bright green as an accent color.

    I agree with the others – let your kids see you doing what you love. They will come to appreciate you as more than a cook, chauffeur, et. al., and they will enjoy the happier mama you will be by filling your own needs as well as theirs.

  7. That’s pretty much the way things run here when I’m creating fun things. Everything else falls to the wayside. I only wish I had a room to leave all my stuff in. Mine ends up taking over the entire house, which, of course, absolutely thrills NYDD.

    That dress is so charming and I love the beginnings of the bird dress. It’s so vintage and pretty! Amy Butler’s fabric is just so pretty! Your seaming looks nice. Happy creating!

  8. You’ve been creating like crazy! Way to pull out the french seams again. I love them way more than lugging out the old serger. Oh, and I wish we could get together and drool over my collection of vintage children’s patterns. No one quite understands how cool they are here.

    I vote for bird skirt with green accents like piping or ric rac or a grosgrain belt.

  9. Carrie, I KNOW!!! Vintage patterns are the best! I loved sewing with this one- and the dress came out so pretty and well-constructed. Wish we lived closer…

    Em, I think working on a whole new human being is the definition of creative!

  10. You are simply amazing Tracy. I cannot believe how talented you are!

    Abby’s dress is incredible, the table top hilarious, and holy cow you are working hard.

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