Random Crap, Hot Edition

Yard Sale haul today: A dozen metal cookie cutters- $1. Primary reader copyright 1900- $1. Two dress-up sequin and tulle outfits, ostensibly for Abby, but surely Beanie will enjoy them more- 50 cents. Vintage pattern- 10 cents. Pterodactyl Hot Wheels Race Track with flying Pterodactyl, already causing fights and tears and much screaming- $3. Priceless.

Only six days until my cousin is here…

One of my quilt groups met last night for a tea party. We dined al fresco, under small chandeliers, ate tiny little cucumber sammies (I hate you Rachel Ray) and puff pastry strawberry thingies, drank peach lemonade from demitasse teacups, and generally had a very good and very loud time. I’m probably the youngest member in both the quilt groups I belong to- seems not many younguns like the quiting these days- but I have a ball hanging out with the old ladies. Old ladies rock.

We’re tipping the century mark this weekend. I’m digging a hole to hide in now.

Stella is finally getting comfy with the chaos that reigns in-house. Now, when the din grows above a roar, she chimes in and peeps along with the monsters. It’s cute, and I’m glad she’s not a hyperventilating terrified mess anymore. I like her happy little noises over in the corner. At least I think they’re happy. Oh, and my kids are WAY messier than she is- Yay Stella!

It’s almost July. I hate July. It’s my worst month. Except for strawberries. They make July OK.

I’m lost for the summer. All these unstructured days leave me feeling like a forlorn pool toy, half deflated and floating juuuuust out of easy reach. The idea of superimposing structure on myself sounds good in theory, but I lack the substance to make it happen. That doesn’t mean I lack substance, mine just seems to be make of lots of floatier stuff, and not so much stiff stuff.

I haven’t been back to California in two years. I have a new nephew due to arrive in a few weeks, and it doesn’t look like I’ll make it for his birth. Once again, unemployment sucks.

I have to give a shout-out to Mythbuster Beauty, my favorite beauty blog- Jen, and mom of five, yes five(!) fabulous girls, writes daily about make-up, skin care, tid bits of fashion and girl stuff galore. Check her out, and enter some of her monthly give-aways of tres chic make up and skin care products.

Abby has learned to shriek-scream, which she does all day, much to her delight, and my ear-drum’s dismay.  She also tells me now when she requires a diaper-change. She does so by bringing me a clean diaper and backing her bum up to whatever I happen to be doing. beeep…beeep…beeep- she needs an alarm. Potty training must be close. Right? Right??

My children have selective deafness. I wish I did, too.

9 thoughts on “Random Crap, Hot Edition

  1. Actually, we’re hitting monsoon season right now. So it cools down considerably in the afternoons. July is much better than June, temp wise.

  2. California’s no fun right now anyway. It’s all smokey and on fire. It’ll be more fun to visit later. Really.

    I’m so glad Stella’s adjusting and is a bright spot in your home.

    I recommend ear plugs, in complete sincerity.

  3. I have been assured that the selective deafness is totally normal. Especially if you, the parent, are what they select to not hear. They are testing their autonomy with the people they feel the most secure around.

    Yeah, doesn’t make me feel any better either.

  4. I completely forgot your yard sale was today, duh! Sounds like things sold, and getting rid of some unused things and a little extra money is awesome!

    Thanks for the mention Tracy; you are too good to me!

  5. Your yard sale finds sort of inspired me today, I thought of going out, even looked at the paper, but it didn’t happen.

    Miracle of miracles somehow I have actually sort of stuck to a schedule this summer. My secret? Writing it down for all to see and having kids that read. They tell me what to do and get me on track when I won’t get off the internet. Yes, I’m leaving now…

  6. Ok – I quilt – does that make me an old lady 😉 Oh wait… maybe I’m one of the young ones that has gotten hooked on the hobby (who am I kidding!) . I’ll have to remember some of the things your group had the next time I’m going.

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