Runnaway Mind

Turns out Stella is not the most exciting pet.  Jeffrey says he goes days now without noticing Stella-turns out things might need to hairy and smelly and/or loud to captivate my children, too. What’s that they say about like attracting like? Yeah. I know. Turns out Stella may be a boy. Meh, we have a trend of accepting a little gender confusion in our house. Stella fits right in.

Watching a sweet, gentle, whisp of a kid for a friend today. He’s an only-child, and I fear by late morning my kids will have him tied to a spit in the backyard, pretending they’re on the Discovery Channel, chanting boom-de-yadda, boom de-yadda

I’ve given up on my hair completely. Yeah, yeah, I know- the hair challenge was great, but having to wait three hours every morning for it to dry, not touching and chanting backwards in the mirror at midnight to make it look good was just too much. Come on, I’m tired. Sleep is better than good hair. You hear me? Sleep wins! So I cut about 10 inches and it lives in a knot again.

Couldn’t sleep last night, but I found a cache of old design blogs and thus spared the world more midnight ramblings. Lucky you. I have to say, while I like clean lines, it’s just not something I can pull off. Best I can do is a clipped sentence. Mid-century design just makes me wish I held onto all the crap at my grandmas house so I could get rich on e-Bay.

You know it’s bad when your 75 year-old uncle comes over and pulls a lawnmower from the trunk of his Cadillac and mows your yard. Derelict. The yard, not the uncle. Broken-handed hubby couldn’t mow (did I mention the broken bone?), I would be a heap of hives not even a bottle of Bennedryl could help and alas, none of the kids are old enough for power tools yet. *sigh*

On my to-do list: Sew something. Make cherry jam with the remaining metric ton of cherries. Go to the post office. With. Four. Kids. HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, really, nevermind. Get the Bumble bee tuna song out of my head. Somehow.

Return the three Netflix movies I’ve had since June I haven’t even gotten around to watching. Now that’s lazy. They come to my mail box, and I can’t even be bothered to tear open the paper sleeve. Uuuuuuugh. Too hard. Send them back. No, really, it’s just because the TV screen is so glommy with fingerprints and mystery smears I can’t see anything anyway.  When I grow up, I want to be organized.

The kids popped my exercies ball. Yeah, ’cause I used it so much I’m devastated.

I like Stell(a)(one). Even if no one else notices he(r)(im) it for days. Her little chirpy noises make me happy. That’s good enough for today. Well, that and maybe a job…

18 thoughts on “Runnaway Mind

  1. Somedays it does seem impossible to be a functional grown-up with small kids ruling the roost.
    Good luck to the only child!
    I’ve stopped doing my hair too, only it’s an ugly blunt and bumpy ponytail, I wish I could do a knot.

  2. I feel a little sad about your hair. Other than lurking on your blog and loving your posts around on other sites I don’t know you, but I’ve followed your difficult times and thought about you a lot and prayed for you and your family. I always felt ray of sunshine when I’d think, “But at least she has such fantastic hair!!! That hair challenge just couldn’t have happened at a better time for her.” But I understand. I’ve got curly hair, read the book “Curly Girl,” but still couldn’t stand the tedious fidgitiness required to really make them bounce. So mine is mostly frizzy these days.

    Things are somehow all working together for your good. Hang in there.

  3. Thank you, Gina! Yeah, I couldn’t deal with the fidgitiness either. Good word. I still do sometimes, but every day is just too tedious. It’s till past my shoulders, but it’s so much easier to manage than when it was past my middle back.

    Em- you have every excuse in the world not to do your hair, Sweetie.

  4. I’m thinking you scored big with the bird nobody notices half the time. That must mean (s)he isn’t obnoxiously chirpy and loud.

    And sleep should always win. I bet the hair still looks pretty darn good, though, curly knot and all. I’ve always wished I could do the knot thing.

  5. Broken bone… how on earth did that happen? And I’m guessing that you must have really bad alergies…maybe the kids would thing its a game or something if you gave the scissors and let them trim the grass that way…or tell them to pretend they are goats and eat the grass. Second thought don’t tell them to pretend to be goats, they might actually do it! Its good that you did the hair challange because you know how to have boingers now if you want them.

  6. Oh Crikey- he mashed it in some rigging at the temp job he’s working. It was 10 days ago, so he’s feeling much better. The splint is off, and the swelling is way down. When it rains, it pours, eh?

  7. Somehow even your runaway mind can make me laugh! It is so fun to follow the convoluted twistings of a mind that is as on the fast-track as mine! (Okay, wait… Did that even make any sense?!? What I meant is I can follow your thought pattern because my mind is as convoluted and busy and twisted as yours seems to be late at night…) 🙂

  8. 1st, your hair rocks no matter how you do it.
    2nd. we had a cat named ZhaZha, but in a few months it became very obvious he was more of a George.
    3rd. I’m jealous that you have grass, derelict or otherwise.
    and 4th:

    You wanna sew something? After reading my post? Waaaah! Now I’m really jealous!

  9. Yes, I have… Once Upon a Time, I had a career making more $$ than my husband. But, I wanted to stay home with my babies, and agreed to support me in that. As it stands now, putting three kids in daycare would pretty much bust any money I made, so we are going to stick to the traditional model. At least for now.

    My husband is totally supportive of me following whatever path I choose. If I wanted to go back to work, he would be fine- if I don’t, he’s fine with that too.

  10. Nooooooooo!!! I mean, hey, whatever works best for you. I completely understand.

    We have a pet Bearded Dragon, named Coco. Poor neglected lizard. Many days I am his only source of attention. It is very cool to watch him eat though. Superworms, crickets, and mealworms. Mealworms are candy to a Beardie.

  11. Whether you do you hair or not at least now when you want to you actually know how to so I’d say you’re still good.

    That sucks about David’s hand. Glad it’s on the mend, though. And good luck at the P.O. Why is that always one of the most difficult places to get to? It just is.

  12. All I saw was…a job. Will we have our miracle to speak cheerily about? Let’s not jinx it by talking about it yet.

    I told you you’d love the bird. They just get ya, right there!

  13. That switcheroo HSF really freaked me out!

    I was like, “who is that cute guy talking to Tracy!” Especially about the hair. Too funny!

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